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24 May

Have been doing ab work for three consecutive days not out of vanity, but sheer need as new job and academia in general have induced distressing pain in shoulders.

I went for a mile and 1/2 walk the morning of our first day of Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah, and came across a lone hubcap outside the steel warehouse down the street from us. It was in perfect mint condition and was just laying against the fence, begging me to pick it up. The inside label indicated it was 15″, the same measurements of my car tires. I brought it home, stuck it in the inside wheel well (is that the right term?) and that baby snapped right into place. My mom struck at it with a mallet for good measure.

Now I only have one bare tire left…where will I find the next hubcap, I wonder?



5 Jan

Today was cold enough–as the Desi people say–to turn your blood to kulfi, an otherwise delicious frozen treat made from milk, sugar and natural flavorings like coconut, mango, pistachio, strawberries, etc. In this context it means, “It’s cold like nobody’s business, yo!”

After staying awake post-Fajr, I was crazy enough to brave the freezing cold and head to the UCF gym at 8 AM. To my utter sadness, the gym was not opening until 11 AM.

I headed to the virtually deserted student union to thaw out, and struck up a random and delightful conversation with one of the employees workin’ on the second floor. She saw me peering at the closed computer lab, and with a smile said, “Sorry, everything is closed.” From there we stumbled from polite conversation about the weather, to the similarities between Desi and Puerto Rican cookin’, to the etymology of language, to the quirks of her son before and after he was born, to the correlation between spices and prevention of memory loss. It was…one of those little moments that only happen in the morning. I think we talked for a good half an hour, just with me standing on the stairs of the second floor while she leaned over the banister.

I decided to drop by work and take care o’ some bidness, then puttered around in the library for a bit, and by the time I was done it was  5 minutes to 11 AM.

I headed to the now open gym, and walked/jogged about a 2 mile loop around the indoor track, (took me about 30 minutes) followed by some sets on the Gravitron, my favorite machine ever.

Just got back from spending a few hours with my Nani and Nana…which was interesting 😛

Seerah Path review session tonight! Woohoo.

Frozen Toes.

4 Jan

Decided to knock off an item from my list. I braved the freezing cold Florida weather (“freezing cold” and “Florida” should never be in the same sentence) and went for a walk/jog outside. I told myself I would walk, but my toes started to numb after one loop so I ran the second. Traced my route, I did about .7 of a mile today. Meh. Didn’t feel like much. I would’ve done more but I couldn’t feel my face anymore and I felt like I was inhaling ice. Came back inside, did some 8 Minute Abs (hello abs, I’ve neglected y’all!) and now, salmon curry.

I tried making mac n’ cheese today, but underestimated the amount of cheese I would need. Too much macaroni, not enough cheese = very uncheesy mac n’ cheese. Or Kraft Dinner, for you Canadians.

I RAN! Also, breaking and entering.

2 Dec

Hey hey hey! I actually worked out today! I couldn’t sleep after Fajr, so I thought I’d take a walk. A walk became a 5.3 mile round trip trek to old college/current employer and back home.

When I got tired of walking, I ran, and when I got tired of running, I walked. It was awesome.

As I was standing at the crosswalk on my way back I saw one of my old classmates from tennis class at the light. We just found out we live in adjacent neighborhoods, and coincidentally are also meeting to play tennis this Saturday. 😀

She peered out the window. “Sarah? What are you doing?”

Heh. “I’m walking back home!”

There were cars behind her, rushing her, so she drove off a bit perplexed.

I probably owe her a phonecall.

When I got back into my neighborhood, I realized my sister and mom had already left, and I didn’t bring my keys with me. As I approached the door, I prayed it was unlocked. If not the door, then the kitchen window, and if not the kitchen window then the back door…

The front door was locked, but thankfully the kitchen window was unlocked. I pried off the screen and pushed the window open. As I was awkwardly climbing in and praying I wouldn’t slip and fall in the sink, I heard someone from the driveway say,

“Hey, are you robbing that house?”

I contorted myself to try to get a look at him, and hollered from under my arm, “No, I live here! We pay the bills and everything!”

“Oh, okay. Just making sure!”

I told him thank you, ‘preciate it. I wonder what he would have said if I had replied, “Why yes, I am indeed robbing this house.”

I Ran a Mile!

22 Jul

I can’t believe it! I ran a mile today! Non-stop!

I finally bit the bullet and decided that I would hit the ground running (literally) the moment I stepped out my door. The past few weeks I’ve sorta been walking a lot, running a teensy weensy bit, then walking a lot. I haven’t really committed to genuinely training myself to run.

I couldn’t believe it. From stone-cold to 1 mile! As I started running down the street I thought, Hmm, maybe I’ll stop at the next stop sign? When I neared the stop sign, I realized I was barely winded. Perhaps the OTHER stop sign, I thought. As I got close to that one, I thought, Oh my god. I’m really doing it. This is how people can run for hours. I never understood this.

I ended up running down the rest of the street. It was technically .95 of a mile, but still! I ran a mile! I can’t believe it! Non-stop!

When I finally stopped, I felt like throwing up. From both ends. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. I was like, No! This is what negative reinforcement is commonly mistaken as! This is punishment for running!

I actually was kinda cheered by that, because if I can run a mile after having eaten frijoles negros less than 30 minutes before running, while experiencing abdominal cramping (I was right to blame my 3 day binge on hormones!) at the same time…who knows how far I can run while actually in a proper state to do so?

Note to self: Do not eat before running. Please.

Today: 2 miles (1 mile running, 1 mile walking) and ab work! Yay!

I Got My Mojo Back!

13 Jul

I seem to have bounced back after my weekend slump! Turns out all I needed was a bit of ego-stroking, and I’m back in the game!

This morning after Fajr I went for a 45 minute walk. When I came home I did 8 Minute Abs and 8 Minute Stretch.

For breakfast, I had a slice of toasted whole-grain bread with two tablespoons of organic peanut butter and a sliced banana with raw honey drizzled on top. HOMG so good. I had some peppermint tea to wash it all down. (I’m only down to a couple of teabags! Must restock.)

Went all the way to Tampa with mom at 8:30 AM for some hard-core errand running and didn’t even get to see the beach. Shame.

Came back, exhausted with a throbbing headache. I drank water, I ate some lunch, I tried lying down. Nothing worked. When I have headaches I tend to self-soothe by eating, but that only serves as a momentary distraction. What I needed was some good, quality energy burning time on the treadmill. I headed off to school (Finally gave Ms. Finding Allah the goodies I got her from ISNA!) and worked out for over an hour. (I filled out a make-up slip as well because I missed a couple of weight training classes. 1 down, 1 to go!)

I did 30 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill. When I felt ready to jog I would wait for the next song to come on the radio and jog for the entire duration of the song. Good Riddance’s “Time of Your Life” is a pretty short song, but Goo Goo Dolls “Here is Gone” almost broke me. I was thinking, If he says, “I know it’s out there” one more time, I will scream. Then I did 30 minutes walking/jogging around the track. I did a bit of Gravitron, and when I got home I did 8 Minute Abs.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fruits and veggies on my way home from the fitness center. I just had some sauteed onions and green peppers with hard-boiled egg. I had a bowl of cherries for dessert.

I am so tired. My eyes are falling shut. I think I’ll just face-plant on my keyboard and drift into unconsciousness for a while.

Welcome to Week 6, folks!

Day Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

2 Jul

*gasp* I know, I didn’t post yesterday! Oh, the horror, oh, the travesty.

I didn’t officially “work out” yesterday, but if you count catching a flight to Reagan National in DC from Orlando International, walking through airport terminals, hefting a bag around, hoppin’ on the Metro and switching trains from the Yellow to the Red Line to Shady Grove, and finally arriving at home-for-now-sweet-home, then yeah, it was a pretty good workout.

The weather here is gooorgeous. Nice cool breeze, sun is shining, and NO HUMIDITY. I’m thinking of taking a walk in the park in front of the house.

As I was on the Metro yesterday the driver said over the intercom, “There is a train directly in front of us.”

We were still moving. As we waiting with bated breath, the train rolled to a stop. Some people laughed nervously. I don’t think the driver caught the verbal faux pas he committed.  

There were a few delays, and on the red line train the driver said, “We have been given the red light. Please be patient with the delay.”

From somewhere in the train a woman remarked out loud, “At least you stopped this time!”

Well, that’s all for now. There’s a little girl riding her tricycle outside the house. Such a pretty day to be outside.