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24 May

Have been doing ab work for three consecutive days not out of vanity, but sheer need as new job and academia in general have induced distressing pain in shoulders.

I went for a mile and 1/2 walk the morning of our first day of Divine Link: Fiqh of Salah, and came across a lone hubcap outside the steel warehouse down the street from us. It was in perfect mint condition and was just laying against the fence, begging me to pick it up. The inside label indicated it was 15″, the same measurements of my car tires. I brought it home, stuck it in the inside wheel well (is that the right term?) and that baby snapped right into place. My mom struck at it with a mallet for good measure.

Now I only have one bare tire left…where will I find the next hubcap, I wonder?


Frozen Toes.

4 Jan

Decided to knock off an item from my list. I braved the freezing cold Florida weather (“freezing cold” and “Florida” should never be in the same sentence) and went for a walk/jog outside. I told myself I would walk, but my toes started to numb after one loop so I ran the second. Traced my route, I did about .7 of a mile today. Meh. Didn’t feel like much. I would’ve done more but I couldn’t feel my face anymore and I felt like I was inhaling ice. Came back inside, did some 8 Minute Abs (hello abs, I’ve neglected y’all!) and now, salmon curry.

I tried making mac n’ cheese today, but underestimated the amount of cheese I would need. Too much macaroni, not enough cheese = very uncheesy mac n’ cheese. Or Kraft Dinner, for you Canadians.


9 Aug

…*curls around cup of chai lovingly*

Never again, my sweetness, the light of my life, the one shining moment of my day…never again will I abandon you! I was wrong, I was foolish, I was stupid to think that I could live my life without you. Forgive me, take me back, I’ll do anything!

What morning would be complete without the perfect amount of water brought to a simmering boil, with two cracked cardamom pods, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a satchel of fragrant chai, a dash of soymilk, and a teaspoon of raw honey? Who was I to think there was something other than this?

Come to mamma, baby. *makes grabby motions*

Everything went right today after my first cup of chai. I ate well, and I rocked my bod with yoga, pilates and ab work. I feel like my limbs are all stretched out and went to the aerobic version of a wellness retreat.

Filmed some great footage at Project Downtown this morning. I’m making a promo video for the fast-a-thon at UCF, and I already see it forming in my mind…it’ll be nice to stretch dem mental edzting muscles after so long.

Went to the hospital, spent some time with grandma and the family, helped move some stuff into the new house, came home, and instead of feeling guilty about not having time to run today, I did yoga/pilates instead. I DID something, man, to change my condition! My body has Mr. Caffeine again so it’s habbeh and is willing to do what I tell it to. That’s what I’m talking about.

Slow and steady…

26 Jul

…wins the race. Today I ran 1.6 miles non-stop. Then after walking a bit, I ran another .5 miles. Total today: 2.1 miles!

2.1 miles running, .9 miles walking. I’m getting there!

The day before yesterday I scared the living daylights out of a woman on the sidewalk. I was running up behind her while she was talking on her phone. I thought she could hear me huffing and puffing, but she was completely oblivious. As I started to run past her, she nearly jumped out of her skin. I apologized profusely and continued on my way. I overheard her saying, “Yeah, sorry, this woman running past me scared me…”

See! See! She totally said running! And woman! I’m a runner! A woman runner!

I do hope she learned to pay more attention to her surroundings from now on, heh.

After today’s run, I did abs, push-ups, and stretching. Aaaaaaah.

It’s really happening.

24 Jul

I’m hooked. I’m never going to be able to go back to walking after this. I’m addicted to running.

I was correct in predicting that my running pace would ameliorate based on a lack of pain-inducing frijoles in my stomach. Not only did I complete the mile, I was able to push myself a little further and ran about 1.2 miles non-stop today. I alternated walking and running the remaining two miles of my route. I’m glad I went when I did, because as I was nearing home I could see storm clouds beginning to gather and rain drops started pelting me here and there.

As I was walking along, and saw the intimidating power lines stretched against a backdrop of threatening gray clouds, I was spurred on to start running again by recalling this unpleasant incident from a few days ago.

Fear of death is a pretty good motivator.

When I got home, I did abdominal exercises, stretched, and took a shower. My workout clothes were so damp with sweat I felt like I had dunked ’em in a bucket of water.

My total route today was three miles!

I’ve been reading up on techniques for marathon training, and I’ve read about the run/walk method, but right now what seems to be working for me is:

  1. Run until I want to die.
  2. Walk until I don’t.
  3. Run until I want to die.
  4. Walk until I don’t.
  5. Rinse, repeat.

Lovely, no?

Day Sixteen

25 Jun

My muscles is tore up. I feel like someone threw me out of a moving vehicle.

Arrived at school at 9 AM for weight training class. Did about 15 minutes of intense cardio and then completed an entire circuit of weight training in about 45 minutes. Then I did about 5 minutes of cardio on the stairclimber, and cooled down with 8 Minute Abs and 8 Minute Stretching.

After that I had two students back-to-back. I hastily ate an apple between sessions, and by the time I got to kickboxing class I was dragging. I should have packed and ate some more food, because I was so fatigued during the kickboxing.

After the class I hung around campus for a bit because one of my students had left a note at the front desk requesting we work out for an extra session. I had called her twice to confirm that yes, I could meet her, but my calls went straight to voicemail and she never called back. I checked the fitness center and the tutoring center, but she was nowhere to be found. Oh well.

I cut off all my hair last night. Okay, not all, but a LOT. It was really starting to irritate me because the ends would get soaked in sweat and turn crispy and brittle. The longer hair is so hard to manage, and I was always afraid it would escape from under my hijab and show during my workouts. Now it’s chin-length.

My mom and grandma were really surpised when they saw my hair. They were both watching Oprah when I came home. My mom likes it.  She thought I got it professionally done, much to my disbelief. Grandma hates it, of course. She says my hair looks like Oprah’s.

It’s a really odd feeling, not having the weight of my hair anymore. The great thing is now it takes me like 2 minutes to wash it!

Insha Allah I’m going to go for my walk in about an hour, then do my abs and pushups, take a shower, tidy up, work on some coursework…hmm. I just heard some thunder rumbling ominously. Might not be able to take that walk…