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Stop the Presses…

15 Apr

Worked out today again. I’m starting to remember what this is all about. Walked/ran on the treadmill, killed my abs, did some stretching, and then to wrap it all up a wicked game of badminton with a schoolmate. 🙂

I got like 4 hours of sleep last night and my eyes are falling as I write this. I think I might call it a night. Shabba khair!



14 Apr

Finally, a post about actually working out!

I worked out today!

I’m so proud of myself…I just made myself go and now I’m hooked again. I’ve been dragging these past few weeks and feeling like I’m not in control of my body. I took a pretty big step today in taking back my personal efficacy.

I did brisk walking for about 30 minutes, then stretched and did about 10 minutes on the elliptical. I then did pull ups and dips on the Gravitron and some ab work on the balance ball.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought…although I could tell how out of condition my body has become. I think I was dreading not being able to do what I used to. 30 minutes completely wiped me out, but I am determined to not fall off the bandwagon again.

Went to the last MSA Islam Awareness Month event today. Dr. Altaf Husain spoke, and it was amazing…it was about fundamental Islamic values and even though I kinda knew about most of what he was saying, hearing him describe things like family and modesty and chastity and respect and tolerance…it just was so much more sweeter and descriptive than I could ever have phrased it. He really captured the tenderness of our deen, masha Allah. I’m glad I was able to attend.

In other news, I’m almost done with my captioning training. \o/ Alhamdulillah.

Poetic Vision Tour

13 Apr

Salaams all! I was recently blown away by Poetic Vision Tour when they rolled into town a few weeks ago. I got the new album in the mail a few days ago and I love it. Check out their brand new MySpace page as well!

A List.

11 Apr

Since I’ve been finding myself particularly unmotivated to write anything, I present a list.

Things that have been awesome in my life:

  • MSA East Zone conference. Interpreting, captioning, LOLZ. Best experience in recent memory, hands down. The Insanist and I getting hit on by some random dudes who pulled up next to us on the way to Al-Farooq masjid. Well, that part was weird, but The Insanist announcing loudly out the window, “I’m engaged!” just cracked me up.
  • This weather. I love spring. So, so much. HAI SPRING HAI.
  • The anticipation of summer classes. Can’t wait, so ek-sy-ted. One of my books is called, “Mightier Than the Sword.” How cool is that?
  • Changing my major to something I actually like, instead of something I thought would be easy/do-able/noble. The bs classes, it was just too much. A little secret that I learned while working at a homeless shelter: you don’t actually need a SW degree to be a social worker. Yay for reality checks.

Things that have been less than awesome:

  • Allergies. I feel like I’m blowing bits of my brain out of my nostrils, trufax. I’ve been drinking herbal tea with local honey out of mugs as big as my head. Seems to be helping. I have yet to resort to medication, but I might give in if this doesn’t let up. I’ve never had allergies, so I can finally sympathize with those who do. It’s like you feel sick as anything, but because everyone else is going through it, or it doesn’t really count, or because it just never goes away, you gotta continue about like you’re fine. *sniffle*
  • Lack of motivation to work out. Even just going for a walk is a big deal right now for me. I can feel the energy building up, and I know I will return back to working out…but right now just ain’t feeling it.
  • General spiritual malaise. I felt great after East Zone for about a week. Then I realized, although the lectures were amazing and motivating at the time, I couldn’t really remember what had actually been discussed. I didn’t get to take as many notes because I was interpreting, but still. It’s funny how that works.