Curled up and comfortable.

4 Jan

So here I am, curled up under a comforter, after having finished a cup of slightly-too-sweet chai, due to overenthusiastic addition of honey.

I have rented all my textbooks for the upcoming semester, and arranged a meeting with my supervisor this Wednesday to go over the details of my new job at UCF. Everything pressing has been pressed.

Something really slightly awesome happened a few days ago. Up until now, every time I logged into my school account, I would have these messages under my ‘To-Do” list regarding scary form things that were “In Progress.” Everyday I would say to myself, Well, better call admissions about this. But everyday I would put it off because I remembered already submitting the forms, and the “In Progress” did have a somewhat hopeful ring to it.

A few days ago I checked, and it was all. Gone! The message, “There are no items in your To-Do list” made me so happy. I wish it applied to my entire life.

Now, a list.

Things I am putting off today that I could be doing right now.

  • Folding that pile of laundry sitting in my eyesight.
  • Cleaning up the cast away clothes, books, pens, kohl-ridden QTips, etc. that are cluttering up my room.
  • Doing dishes
  • Going for a walk
  • Heading over to UCF to start C-Print training again
  • Familiarizing myself with my classes at UCF
  • learning Urdu
  • learning Arabic
  • reading Quran
  • brushing my teeth (again)
  • finding the cure for cancer
  • saving the world

My response to all this, But baby, it’s cold outside!


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