Sho. Shick.

25 Dec

Salaams, I am back from the beach, and I guess this is what I get for calling snowbirds lozers and touting 72 degree holiday weather because I. Am. So. Sick. Alhamdulillah. I got plenty of sins to burn off so I don’t mind. I’m just really really sad The Sister made cookies and didn’t leave any for me. What’s that about. My mom gave me some anti-biotics so I’m a little loopy right now.

This just in: That ticking sound wasn’t my imagination, that was the toaster oven in which THERE ARE COOKIES. COOKIES MADE OF WIN.

Last night we stayed at the beach, and this morning after Fajr we went to the beach to see the sunrise. It was so beautiful, subhanAllah.  My calves feel like hot pokers are sticking into ’em from running and frolicking like a little kid.

There was fog on the beach this morning, and it looked like a completely different world.

Found a tiny, tiny seahorse. The Sister saw it’s tail squirming in the mud and said, “Ew, a worm!” When we got closer I saw the rest of the body and squealed like I was 5, “Look, a seahorse!

I decided to “free” it, so I scooped it up and walked toward the waves. “Be free, little one, be fr–AUHHHHHH!” Suddenly this wave crashed against me outta nowhere and soaked me up to my knees. Hope the seahorse made it out okay, heh.

This just in: Technically difficulties w/ cookies. The Sister is tinkering. “She’s just fooling around in that little toaster,” says my mom.

Yesterday I prayed Asr on the beach. Made wudhu with water from the ocean, thanks to The Sister braving the waves and bringing it in a bottle. Being Muslim is so freakin’ awesome.


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