Brushstrokes in the Sky

2 Dec

As I was driving to school at 7:30 AM this morning, I kept squinting against the rising sun sending a glare across my eyes. As I got closer to school, I noticed this huge cloud that started moving in on the horizon. It was amazing. The side edges were feathered like those paintings in which you can see the ghost of the individual bristles on the canvas. The bottom was a clean line like a knife had cut through it. Right before my eyes, I saw this cloud drift across the sun and make everything hazy. Gorgeous.

Full moon tonight. I thought my phone was on my bed but when I reached out I touched a moonbeam instead. I thought the display was on and because it was dark, I confused the moonlight for the LCD display of my cellphone.

Listening to Br. Mutah Beale speak, aka Napoleon, formerly of the Outlawz last night at Darkness 2 Light was inspiring. He spoke about his former life. At one point in time he was pulling in $80,000, $100,000 a month selling records with Tupac, hitting up the clubs, drink, and getting into fights. He said those 4 minutes of the music video you see is just that, four minutes of a facade, and we don’t see what happens when they go home and night and they’re sitting there, depressed, and need medication just to be able to sleep at night.

Insha Allah we’re working on getting the video up, so stay chuned.


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