Srs bzns.

25 Nov

I had my first round of captioning training today. The first modules were all about introduction to the software, and the basic abbreviations. Here are some examples:

jj = judge

u = you

y = your

t = the

wi = without

kmptr = computer

The training is about 40 – 60 hours, so insha Allah with a lot of perseverance and practice I will be captioning like a pro in no time!

There is also an option in the software to create and edit custom dictionaries. I can already see it now, a Muslim captioning dictionary!

prftm = Prophet Muhmmad (SAW)

rsl = Rasulullah (SAW)

slh = salaah

l = La ilaha illalala,

m = muhammadur rasulullah

lm = la ilaha ilalla muhammadur rasulullah

almgrb = Al-Maghrib Institute

Some of these may be ill-conceived, and “rsl” might already stand for something, like “resale.” But I’ll tweak it as I go along.



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