19 Nov

Salaams everyone! I got approval for C-Print captioning training! Woohoo!

Basically, what the training does is teach you how to transcribe an entire class or lecture, word-for-word using phonetic abbreviations.

Instead of “articles and information” I would type, “artkls n nfrmx” and the program would convert the abbreviations into the long-form of the word. No vowels, and x=”tion”

A couple of months ago, one of the captionists in my Sociology class suggested I apply for the training, because there was one slot left that the SDS office had already paid for. I had to take a typing test and submit a copy of my results (over 60 WPM, alhamdulillah). They then called me in for a phonetics and English grammar test, which at the time I felt I did well in. They must’ve thought so too, because they chose me!

Insha Allah, I hope I can take what I learn in the C-Print training to help make our Al-Maghrib courses equal access-compliant, as well as courses at my university…and make a little moolah, too. 😛



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