Seerah: The Shepherd’s Path III (RAW notes)

15 Nov

[Salaams, once again, these are the RAW notes.  Here is what I wrote down for Day Three]

Questions: Combining Prayers while traveling

Permissible, but always better to pray each if you feel you can. If not, no worries, just know that it is better if you ARE ABLE.


If you do not believe in me, you will be in the hellfire. If someone, a non-Muslim, comes up and says, If I’m not  Muslim, are you saying that I can’t enter heaven? You say yes. You tell them in the best way possible, but it’s the truth. As a da’ee, you’re like the UPS guy. Have a package. That package, if you are delivering, you can’t open the packgage and change the content. You’ll get fired right away. You’re not allowed the change any of the content. Give it in a nice way, don’t just bang on the door. Say it in a nice way.

As a Muslim, whatever is given to you, pass it on in the best way possible.

When Rasulullah started giving the message, one of his uncles came. Busy market place. Abu Lahab came forward. After hearing, “Is this what you have gathered us here for today?” Calling us all out for this? May you be perished, this day of yours!” Because of that Allah swt revealed the surah of surah lahab.

They don’t want to hear anything about the religion, because then they would need to change their way of life. “Why did you have to ruin the conversation?” if you ever bring up religion. These people can talk about politics and the orlando magic, they just want to live their life, amongst the people of the dunya.

Abu Lahab was one such person, he opposed the message. The opposition might come from the people who are closest to you. It hurts even more than when other people oppose you, when you’re relatives oppose you.

The wife of Abu Lahab also hurt Rasulullah. When this verse was revealed, she grabbed some rocks, and she was going around. She say the prophet next to Abu Bakr. She came, said, “Where’s Muhammad?” Abu Bakr is astonished. He was right next to her, and she doesn’t see him. She says, “If I see him, I’m going to stuff these rocks in his mouth!” Of course, others have made fun, especially when he started proclaiming openly.

“If he’s putting me down with these words,” she said, “I have a few words of my own” She had hater-speak poetry using Muthammam – “The despised one”

Muhammad heard of this, “All praise is to Allah, who has distracted the name-callers. I’m Muhammad, who is this Muthammam guy?”

She was very harsh upon the Prophet. His two worst enemies in Mecca were his neighbors. First, Abu Lahab. they would throw trash in front of his house. Instead of bringing it to the trash heap, they would put it in front of his house.

Abu Lahab and Uqbah ibn Abi Muayt.

Rasulullah had two daughters (Ruqayyah Umm Kulthum) married to

Utbah and Ruqayyah

Utaybah + Umm Kulthum

He said, Your face and my face are haraam, you’re not part of the family anymore, if you don’t divorce the daughters of the prophet (SAW)

Umm Jamil, the wife of the (Abu Lahab) said if you do not divorve your wife, my face your face haraam.

Utaybah, when he brought Umm Kulthum back, brought her back, pushed her into the house. Ripped up Rasulullah’s shirt, and tried to spit on Rasulullah.

“Oh Allah, send against him one of your dogs (beasts) Immediately

It wasn’t that they didn’t believe the message, they didn’t want to change the status quo. “Why did you have to say it.”

Utaybah was told not to go on a business trip by his father. On the way back, in the outskirts, they camped for the night. When they stopped it was in the afternoon. There was a humungous lion. The largest ever seen. Started sniffing everone in the camp. When he sniffed Utaybah, he didn’t sniff anyone else after that. He went back into the first.

The lion just wanted to know, which of these was Utaybah. After hearing this story, Abu Lahab knew his son was in danger.

Abu Lahab made Utaybah sleep in the middle, on top of all the belongings. The same lion came back when they were about to sleep. Jumped over everyone ripped him to pieces.

Many times, Rasulullah would make duaa for guidance. But in other times, he would make duaa against someone.

Rasulullah had two sons. Abu Qasim, and Abdullah (might also read Tayib and Tahir, but these are nicknames)

When Abdullah passed away, [young children, 1 or 2, no matter what they do, you’re attached to them. this was the age he passed away. imagine how sad you would feel.]  Enemies proclaimed that his lineage was cut off. Normally, the family would be afraid to say anything that would hurt you. But Abu Lahab immediately scorned him. He could have disproved the ayahs of the quran by converting to islam, but he didn’t

When Rasulullah would talk to anyone, Abu Lahab would follow up with that person and badmouth Rasulullah to them.

Even now, the news reports have “experts” put there specifically to change your mind. Warp the message

Abu Lahab was that “expert interpreter” giving the “real” breakdown

Abu Lahab is busy with his business, but when it comes to opposing the message, hehas all the time. In the beginning, why are you wasting my time? But later, he would leave his shop, follow Rasulullah and badmouth him and denounce him.

When your own relatives are opposed to you, your own relatives are opposed to you. Not just relatives, community. If people are calling you names, no one will call you worse names that was called to Rasulullah. If there are hardships, know that Rasulullah lost his own children at a young age. Any hardship has been experienced by Rasulullah.

The people who are faced with the most opposition, are the prophets and messengers.

Rasulullah had another Uncle named Abu Talib. Ali ibn Abu Talib had accepted Islam.

Abu Talib saw them praying, asked Rasulullah what they were doing. Abu Talib was so kind, so generous. If there is anyone who deserves this message, there is no one more deserving than you <– Told to Abu Talib by Rasulullah.

At first, the people thought it was just a phase. People went to Abu Talib, told him “Your nephew has caused families to break up, no other person do we know has cused such a breakup in our community.”

Either you stop him, or let us do it. Let us take care of it. They respected him very much. Abu talib brushed them off with kind words. Went a second time. We have to stop Muhammad, if Abu talib will not stop him. We will not simpy ask him, we will threaten him as well.

Rumors abounded that Abu Talib would relinquish his protection. Allow elders of mecca to stop Rasulullah. Rasulullah was very sad. Couldn’t believe that his uncle would do anything. This was a natural love.

If a person is non-Muslim, we love for the sake of Allah, we dislike for the sake of Allah. We don’t hate someone who is nice to us, though.

Different types of non-Muslim, some are supportive. It’s not normal to have an automatic hatred of a kind non-Muslm. You hate the kufr in the person, but you develop natural love for the person. Treat people differently according to how they treat you. You don’t paint everyone in one brush.

Abu Talib was very supportive. In this society, you will find people who are very supportive of you even though they are not Muslim. People were supportive based on tribal reasons, for example

Upon hearing that Abu talib was going to speak to him, Rasulullah felt this as a sign that he was relinquishing his protection. Before Abu Talib could say another word, tears were rolling down his face because he thought this is it, he would hear, “From now on I can no longer protect you.” Before AT could speak, “Oh my uncle, by Allah, if they put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, on the condition that I leave this message, I still woudl not do so. Either I am victorious in carrying out this message, or I perish while doing so.”

HIs uncle hasn’t said a single word. The rpophet turns around and walks away thinking his uncle is going to relinguish rpotection. They both turn around.

AT: “Oh Muhammad, go and do what you have to do. I will always protect you.” And they both have tears in their eyes.

It hurts so much, because Abu Talib was the best protector, but he still would not accept the message.

Sometimes you want your parents to proclaim La ilaha illalah, but they won’t. They are the kindest, best supporters, but they just won’t accept La ilaha illalah.

Why did the prophet have to go through this? So he could be an example to us. “Who ever is afflicted by a calamity, look for strength in me.”

It strengthens us, because we can see what the prophet had to go through. Will try to stop you by threatening you.

They threatened Abu Talib. You are either with us or against us. When they called him names, they called him madman, liar, possessed person.

When someone is possessed, you want to hear them speak to find out. Man wanted to find out what Rasulullah sounded like: “I have never heard such eloquence, even from a sane person.” Immediately, when he heard that, he accepted Islam.

There are “Islamo-Fascists” “Islamists” People just make up these names to scare people

Rasulullah wasn’t a poet. They said, “Let’s call him a madman.”  No…that won’t work. Madmen don’t make sense. “Let’s call him a sorcerer. They turn away in arrogance, and say he is nothing but a madman.

When we read the Quran, we must understand that these are the not just stories. These are true things that happened to people who came before.

They were trying to attack the text, attack the authenticity. In our modern times, we have people attacking the Quran and the Hadith. History repeats itself. When we know the Seerah, we can expect the opposition that comes with the message.

Once you expect it, you can be prepared. It helps us to be stronger. You hope for the best, but be ready for the worst. Sometimes, you just don’t want to watch the news anymore. Just think about the Seerah. The exact same things that were happening are happening now.

The methods they used are used even in our times. They’ll try to compromise. If they find out you are very strong, they’ll try to compromise, “Let’s have a modern Islam.”

The only religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. By you standing up there in front of them, if you don’t clarify that if you aren’t Muslim, you wont enter paradise. Because otherwise they will think, I do all this stuff anyway, why do I have to be Muslim?

The kuffar tried to compromise, you worship our gods for a month, we will worship your God for a month. Every religion has gone through a revolution. Islam has not gone through a revolution where huge monstrous changes were made to how the religion is practiced.

Christianity has gone through a revolution where there are only fragments left. At one time, Christmas was forbidden in Boston, Mass. because it was a bid’ah (innovation)

“Be patient, O family of Yasir…”

This whole family accepted Islam.

Khabab ibn Arat was tortured so much that people would put out fire on his back.

Sumayah was killed by a spear through her private parts, Yasir was ripped apart byhorses. Rasulullah came by but couldn’t do anything.

“Be patient, O family of yasir, your appointment is in Paradise”

When you start being violent, you’re going to harm the Muslims even more. The masajid will be closed down, the schools will be closed down.

We do not denounce jihad, the rules of governing warfare and guidelines are built into our religion. What we must know is not to act irrationally. When you act irrationally, you’re going to cause more harm for the Muslims

The theme in Mecca, “Hold back your hands, and establish the prayer. Continue your dawah.” Continue to call on the way peacefully and strengthen your connection.

You know, the point we are at now in this class? It took me three years of study. The more you study, you realize how ignorant you are. When you are in one room your whole life, you don’t know how much the world is.

When Yasir and Somaya, their son saw this happen, he was traumatized. But he was a Muslim. You either give in, or we do the same thing. So he praised Lat and Uzza, cursed the prophet. And he is crying the whole time. He loved the prophet so much. Those words that came from his mouth, he was crying because he felt he was outside the state of islam. Rasulullah told him, “If they do the same thing, tell them the same thing.” What is the ruling here? “Except for those who are forced or coerced, but they have Eman in their hearts.”

Prophet (SAW) said, “The Ummah is not accountable for what they have done unintentionally, insha Allah Allah will forgive you.”

If someone forces you to eat and drink, or I will kill you. Your fast is still valid even if they forced you.

They think they won, but they don’t know what is in your heart.

There are certain circumstances, where if people in power didn’t stand up, even if it caused jail or death, it would set a precedence for giving in. Imam Ahmed knew, if he himself did not stand, he would set a precedence for giving in.

Bilal was tortured by being roasted over a fire, would give him enough food and water to keep him alive. Because of all of these things that were happening, if people are being threatened, that if you become Muslim, you’re gonna face a lot of hardship, it might sway them not to become Muslim.

There is a way out. If it is too difficult for you to stay in one place for too long, there are options:

What kept the believers strong?

  • Unshakable belief in Allah – once you see the light, you don’t go back to darkness. Can you bring darkness back into this room? No, you gotta take the candle out. You can’t bring darkness once the light is there. You can bring light into the dark, but you can’t bring dark into the light.
  • People who have Iman, they will not apostate and disbelieve.

King said I am going to prove you wrong, bring me someone who was with Muhammad.  I will give you half of my kingdom, and I will marry my daughter off to you, if you renounce your faith. He refused. A cauldron of oil was brought.

Abdullah ibn Hudhafah said, I could see his bones immediately after he went in. The king asked, if you don’t renounce, the same thing will happen to you.

Tears rolled down his face, and king brought him back thinking a-ha i got him. “I am only crying because I can die for the sake of Allah once. I am not crying because I am fraid of death. I am crying because I only have this one opportunity to sacrifice myself for my deen.”

King didn’t kill him, because how can you kill someone when that’s what he wants? King says, if you kiss my forehead, I will release you and all the prisoners. He does.

When the story came back to medina, khalifa : It is obligatory upon everyone to kiss the forehead of Abdullah ibn Hudhafa, said the khalifa, for what he did. to save everyone

Amr ibn Aas: “Everytime Prophet looked at me, he would smile at me. So much so that I thought I was his favorite. One day I went to the Prophet and asked, who is your favorite me or Abu Bakr?” He said Abu Bakr, and then Omar. Oooh now Amr ibn Aas understands. That is how he made everyone feel.

Students can sense how you treat them. You need to treat them like their all your favorite. Put it in your heart like their all your best friend. Story: one of my students was failing, told him that you are my favorite student, you have the potential to be the best. Next semester, 130% A +++

They each took it upon themselves to be the best person, to each proclaim the message. It was never anyone’s fault.

Abdullah ibn Masu’d was a shepherd. Rasulullah asked if he could get some milk from the flock, shepherd said, i don’t know it’s not mine. Belonged to Uqbah ibn abi muayth, most staunch enemy. And neighbor. AnSWEEER to his question at beginning of class!

Rasulullah blessed the flock to make the milk swell, and shepherd took his shahada, young boy.

abdullah ibn Mas’ud learned 70 surahs directly from Rasulullah

We have to let them hear! said Abdullah ibn Mas’ud. But others were hesitant. “Let someone else, with more influence lead the way.”

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud refused, went to town square and recited Surah al-Rahman.

When Abu Jahl heard, he was angry, slapped Abdullah ibn Masud his ears started to bleed. He’s just a boy, he starts to cry.

Goes to messenger, and is crying. Jibreel comes, smiling. Prophet looks at Jibreel and says, Why are you smiling?” Jibreel said, “An ear for an ear, and the head is extra.”

Khufayr ibn Amr Addawsi: Yemen. Also Abu Hurayrah is from there. Mekkans heard he was coming to mecca.

Kuffar were afraid he would hear this message, so they intercepted and told him not to listen, so he stuffed cotton in his ears.

As Khufayr was making tawaaf, he took out his earplugs because he thought he could decide for himself. he say Rasul sitting there. and listened.

The Quran is so beautiful, you hear one ayah and you think subhanallah. you hear another ayah and you think SUBHANALLAH. There is no human that can ever make this. every ayah strikes us as a miracle. something that mkes you feel amazed, you want other people to feel that way also. The way each ayah makes you feel, it’s so unique. It’s like perfection in your ears

Khufayr asked Rasulullah, who are you? He said, “I am Muhammad.” Khufayr took his shahada on the spot. Khufayr said, “My people are very stubborn. Give me some miracle that will help me convince them. Made a spotlight shine on his forehead.” “Uh, people might think i’m sick.” Gave the light to his whip instead. Miracle (not now, they might think it was made in china)

This man has just accepted Islam, and now feels the responsibility to pass on the message. We need to feel that way. We need to take responsibility. There is nothing wrong with the times we are in right now, we are the problem.

As humans, we want justice. It is very difficult to have peace if there is no justice. That’s why even when you take a candy from a baby, they will cry. In the face of injustice, any human cries out.

My father was shot down outside the masjid, very soon after 9/11 after independence day. I heard a gunshot, but I didn’t know it was a gunshot. I thought it was a firecracker.

Officer said, “I’ve never seen anyone as calm as you, I couldn’t believe that was his son. It’s not humanly possible for someone to be that calm.” The reason I was calm was because my father had what I wanted. But, I knew that his last words were La ilaha illalah. But he was able to say it. And those were his last words. And I was calm because that’s what I wanted. People ask me until this day, have you found the killer? No. It was so random, they don’t know who they were. We didn’t have hidden cameras during those days in the masjid. The reason I was calm was I knew that, it doesn’t matter if that person is caught or not, I knew that justice owuld come. If he escapes the justice system in this life, he cannot escape the justice system in the hereafter. That’s what keep ‘s a person strong. That’s what kept the Companions strong That belief in the day of judgement, that belief in the hereafter. No matter what problems you have, what calamaties you have, become insignificant. WHen yo treallythink abou tthe hereafter, you become insignificant. Think: Your’e sitting in the masjid, reading QUran. Man walks in, has two sons. The kids are playing around while you are reading the quran. The father is not doing anything, as if nothing is happening. And these kids are wreaking havoc. What do you do? Do you tell the kids or the father? The father, right? The father tells you, I’m sorry, I’m out of it, they’re mother just passed away. Before, you might have been really irritated. But now your irritation has evaporated. Your feeling toward everything that just happened changed. Suddenly you feel compassion for these kids. If only they understood the magnitude of what had just happened. Suddenly, these little things are trivial.

Sometimes, little things happen to us, and we feel like it’s the end of the world to us. But you know, maybe it’s Allah Swt saying, Look, it’s just a hotwheel. Why are you stressing out like it’s the end of the world. Most of the things we’re worried about are just a hotwheel. You don’t get stressed because you’re looking at the bigger picture.

That’s why the companions were strong, they’re unshakable faith in the Day of Judgement.

Having that sense of strength

6 Things the Companions Knew:

  1. Unshakable belief in Allah
  2. They loved his leadership
  3. “We are responsible”
  4. Unshakable belief in Judgement Day
  5. Verses revealed at specific incidents
  6. Promise of Victory

Oh messenger of Allah! Why do you ask Allah for help? Ask Allah for victory! Rasul: The people before you, they were sawed in half, the skin was separated from their bones. But they still said La Ilaha ilallah. You’re too impatient.

The scholars in the day, would listen without a microphone. 1000s of people. The shaykh would narrate a hadith and it would be repeated by those sitting behind the others. Apply the etiquettes of the students of knowledge

Imam Shafiee: When I was s student, I would flip the pages so slowly as not to disturb my teacher. Even the sound of the pages turning was considered disruptive.

Messenger faced hardships, but not physical while uncle was alive. Most of the physical harm came after the death of his uncle. Abu Talib. The majority of the companions did not have this distinction, so Rasulullah gave a way out during the 5th and 6th year. Allah revealed a surah in preperation for a journey. There was a king in Habasha. The messenger said, “There is a king who is just in Abyssinia. Go there and you find a very just, will not oppress anyone. Worhsip freely”

Before they went, 2 surahs erevealed: Surah Kahf/Maryam. 2 surahs preparing for yourney. Lessons: Kahf – Give glad tidings. IA vistorious. First storyis of the youth who escaped to the cave. Living amonst non muslims, oppresive toward them.

Allah (swt) <insert quran ayah>

Were in cave for 300 years. When they came out, the whole town was Muslim. Everyone believed in Allah.

Allah swt is tellin the Muslims, there is a way to find peace and tranquility and ease to worship in peace. maybe in your lifetime, your children or grandchildren, ut there will come a time when all these people will believe in Allah also.

We might think it farfetched that all these people might one day be Muslim. It’s possible. It will happen insha Allah. We must do as much as we can. When you find things difficult, it’s okay to move to a diffferent area.

If you’re staying in America, it’s better for us to be in America, than to be in a  Muslim country, because we can still hold on to our religion and live peacefully.

We’re at the frontier, the islamic frontier. The jihad that we are performing, is the jihad of conveying the message.

This is a big struggle, this ayah was revealed in mecca, surah furqan was revealed in mecca. The jihad of us is conveying the message. If living in the west we can convey Islam and practice our religion, we allow others to hear the words of Allah.

Non Muslim countries, some are more oppresive than others.

Mecca was a very oppressive environment for Muslims. Rasul allowed companions to go. Uthman ibn Affan and his wife, Ruqayyah, were very persecuted. They were of the first group who went to Habasha.

When they arrived, there were rumors <surah najm> When Allah ordered the people to prostrate at the end of the surah, everyone prostrated, even the non-muslims, in Mecca. So the rumor was that the polytheists had accepted Islam. One group turned back.

In Surah Kahf, there are a few lessons. Story of Khidr, lessons learned. Khidr scuttling the boat, why did you do that? Khidr killed the boy, why did you do that? Khidr fixes a broken wall, but doesn’t get recompense, in a town of mean people. Musa did not understand why this happened. It was explained why this happened, but it was beyond Musa (as) understanding.

Lesson here: Not everything that you see, you might think it is bad, but there is a hidden wisdom behind it.

We might look back 10 or 20 years from now, look back, wow, that was the turning point for us! Allah still knows what is going on. IA in the end, the last story, is the story of Dhul-Qurnain. In the end, Allah swt will allow us to inherit the earth. This is the lesson at the end of the surah.

Indo-Pak culture: Surah Ya-Sin very emphasized. Surah Kahf first 10 ayahs or last 10 ayahs, protection from dajjal

Kuffar still tried to oppose the Muslims, they sent two people to bring bck the fleeing muslims.

At the time, the best item was leather. Before meeting Najashi, he went to his advisors and said tomorrow I will speak to the king. Tried to bride the advisors of the king with leather goods. The elders of mecca want them back, they have caused much mischeif.

Amr ibn al-Aas, asked to meet the Najashi. Told him these are criminals.

Advisors tried to convince the Najashi, but he refused. Call them forward, I want to listen to them.

Now the Muslims are worried, will the king kick them out? What is the one lesson that we can take? Even living in a non-muslim organization, we should have a spokesperson. Anytime something happens, the newsvultures descend. Must have an educated spokesperson.

No one was allowed to speak except for Ja’afar ibn Abi Talib.

Ja’afar: We would worship idols, commit adultery, fornication, eat non-zabiha meat…why mention these things? because they are the things we have in common. If you’re going to be in a non-Muslim land, find out what things we have incommon.

Even the atheists, they are half Muslim. They have la ilaha…see, they have the negation. Now they just need the affirmation, “..ilallah!”

A bit more diffictul now, but still possible.

Najashi: You all are free to worship in my place. As for you delegates, just go back home. Kuffar thwarted.

Amr ibn al-Aas said, I’m not finished. I’ve got something up my sleeve. The next day, they came back. Abdullah ibn Rabiyah came back to Najashi with Amr ibn al-Aas. “We want you to know one thing. You don’t even know the blasphemy that they say about Jesus.” By mentioning this, he wanted to let the Najashi be angry that the Muslims believed in Jesus in such a way.

Muslims were called upon one more time. When they came forward, the Najashi asked, “What do you believe concerning Jesus? We hear you have blasphemous things about him”

Ja’afar told Najashi about Jesus. Najashi asked, “Do you have anything that has been revealed to your prophet concerning this matter. Allah revealed this surah so he could have something to present to the christians.

Najashi had tears running down his face. He put his stick down. “What he said about him is who Jesus was!” Now there was more tension. What is the king saying? Jesus is not lord?

Najashi: All these people who have come to my land are free. Anyone who lays a hand on them shall face my wrath. Go about in my land and settle wherever you please.”

As for you two, take back your gifts! I don’t any of this. These people have chosen me over all other kingdoms. These people are free to worship in my land wherever they want.”

Now, there is a split in the court, between these who were with the Najashi, and those who were still apostate. They were trying to overthrow tthe Najashi within the court

Muslims were worried because they were afraid Najashi would beovertrown.

There was a conflict, the outcome of which would determine the Najashi supporrt or overthrow.

Muslims were on the side of the Najashi. In our times, there are some groups that are more leaning towards us, and they are sympathetic toward us, but we still have to be careful.

As Muslims, if you’re happy about something, just say Allahu Akbar, and everyone said Allahu Akbar! No said takbir.

When the Muslims left in Mecca, two people accepted Islam. Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib. He was coming back from a hunting trip. Slave girl stopped Hamza, said, “Do you know what Abu Jahl has just said about your nephew.” Speaking this and that about him, putting him down.

Hamza was very angry that Abu Jahl was saying this. He was from Banu Makhzhum, archrival of Banu Hashim.

When he heard what Abu Jahl was saying about his nephew, he went straight to the Ka’aba. He cut him on the head with his bow and arrow. “If you’re gonna say something,about the  say it to me, because I am a Muslim!”

Hamza walks out and says, “Wait, did I just say I was Muslim?” Without realizing it, he crossed the fence.

Arabs, it;s like hey, you say something in front of everybody, you don’t go back on your word.

He went to speak to Rasulullah and said, “Ashadu anlaa ilaha illalah” from his heart.

The most difficult thing is stepping over that fence. A lot of times people are reluctant to accept Islam, but you want them to step over the fence. If they identify themselves as Muslim, they will learn about it.

There is a guy, he is interested in Islam, and he’s asking the Imam, and people after prayer. The people said, “Are you sure you want to be Muslim?” You’re gonna have to pray 5 times a day man.

The person who has already identified himself as a Muslim will be more strong

persecution could become so severe, that your eighbor could be muslim and you would not know.

Dar al-Arqaam, downtown area. no one asks why are you going downtown. when no one is looking you can go in quickly. Arqaam was from Banu Makhzum, archrival. no one suspected him because he was from enemy clan.

Rasulullah would meet the companions there. Omar ibn al-Khatab tells a companion, I’m going to kill the Prophet. Tries to distract him by telling Omar to go to his sister’s house, take care of family matters first.

OiaK changes directions, goes straight to his father’s house. OiaK knocked on the door. Everyone knew who he was, ruthless, very strong. First thing he does, he just slaps hi sister until she bleeds. Then he felt sorry for her. “What were you reading?” They were reading surah ta-ha. Sister refused, you must be pure, must be muslim before you can read it. Khabab ibn Ar came back. When they read it, Omar ibn al-Khattab’s eyes started tearing up.e accepts Islam. They’re in a dilemma. Should they tell, or should they not tell?

Omar ibn al-Khatab comes knocking, Hamza is ready to knock him out. Takes his shahada, Allahu Akbar, because now they have Omar and Hamza! These are two people who strengthened the Muslims.

Oh messenger of Allah, why are we hiding? We have the truth why must we hide?

So for the first time, the message became public. Dar al Arqaam no longer a secret.

Must change tactics, Muslims are stronger now. What can the kuffar do now? Anyone who finds Muhammad by himself, you are free to kill him…as long as you don’t get caught. Permission to assisnate, but not in open because he is from Banu Hashim.

Sanctions: No one was allowed to sell, or buy, visit, any transactions, marriage, everything was cut off.

Abu Talib gathered Banu Hashim together (btw this sanction was written and hung in the Ka’aba, so people would believe that helping them was not patriotic. make it acceptable to persecute Muslims) In order to protect the prophet, we must gather out of our houses and go to a mountain pass. there are only two entrances, back and front. better protection.

Were there for three years. Rasulullah: “Don’t be astonished, and amazed, if something similar will happen.”

Muslims were very hungry, sometimes would eat just the weeds and leaves. One companion, “I was walking in the dark, and I felt something wet, I closed my hand around it, pinched my nose, put it in my mouth, and still to this day I don’t know what it was.”

Don’t be surprised if someone will help not based on religion, but based on humanity, based on freedom of speech.

Almost like a concentration camp, literally for three years. A lot of money was spent to starve the Muslims. Kuffar spent a lot of money. If they are spending that type of money, For example: the money in War in Iraq that could wipe out poverty for the whole world.

It’s a glad tiding, the fact that they are spending that much money to destroy us, in the end we will be victorious.

There were a couple of people. Were not permitted to visit Muslims, because then they would feel sympathy for Muslims. Same with now, you will never see a suffering Muslims. Because then you might feel sympathy for seeing a suffering muslim on TV.

The situation was so bad, we could hear the crying of the women and the children because they were so hungry.

Shi’ Abi Talib: Mountain pass where stayed for 3 years

Things repeat themselves in different ways, but it’s the meet the new boss, same as the old boss. These are lessons to be learned from, major points, not itty bitty details.

During the 10th year, a couple of those who were related to the Banu Hashim? got together and decided to repel these sanctions.

“I think these sanctions are unfair. Who is with me?”

People raised hands. One person, two people…they didn’t have that many people, but the bandwagon effect came into play. Soon, everyone wanted to repeal.

Checked the sanction, and it was eaten by white ants. Abu Jahl: No way it could be possible.

What if it is? Would you stop the sanction?

Abu Jahl: Sure, if it really is bitten up. “Bismi kalahuma” was the only thing left

Everyone returned to their places because the sanction was lifted.

Right when the sanction ended, this year was known as the Year of Grief, or the year of sorrow. 2 people passed away:

  • Abu Talib: Oh uncle, just say la ilaha illala and I will intercede for you on the day of Judgement. The people around him said, “Are you going to leave the ways of your forefathers? Your father, Abdul-Mutalib?” the people said. “Oh my nephew, I would say it to make you happy, but I don’t want to say it so people would say I said it for fear of death.” Abu Talib would have the least punishment, only his brains would boil, but he would think it were the worst punishment. This is from the intercession of the Prophet. External Protection
  • Khadija (ra) passed away also. Internal protection. His cloest supporter, protector. Very difficult time.

Is there a wisdom behind not accepting islam (abu talib?) Yes. If he HAD, the kuffar would NOT have honored his oath of protection of the Muslims.

Hilf-al-Fudhool: Bill of Rights of Makkah. Person from Zubaydi tribe. He had sold some merchandize to one of the aristocrats of Makkah. Took the merchandise, promised to pay him later. Merchant came to collect his money. Didn’t pay him. Took advantage because he was a stranger. Went to mountain of Safa, recited poetry. Chastising the Quraysh. How can you people, representing the people of god, do this?

Different tribes gathered together. Yeah, we should help those who are in need, help those who are oppressed.

Hilf-ul-Fudhool: If he was in Mecca, he would not be oppressed. The inalienable rights. But the kuffar didn’t respect the Hilf-ul-Fudhool

Some people couldn’t say that he learned this, and he just wanted to gain position, because he was so respected and taking position, he learned it from Abu Talib. They Can’t say anyone taught the prophet, because no one in his preceding family (who took care of him) took shahada

It is not appropriate for the prophet to make istighfar for the kuffar or the mushrikoon. True guidance, taufiq, comes from Allah alone.

This was a very difficult year for the prophet. This was the time that Rasulullah faced the most hardship. After this had occured, the Messenger began facing a lot of physical abuse from the non-Muslims.

Abu Jahal said, “I am going to end Muhammad once and for all. I am going to crush his head while he is praying.”

This message reached the prophet. Should he go pray, or not?

Abu Jahal got an enormous boulder. He put it on the side, waiting for Rasulullah to enter the musallah.

He got close, dropped the boulder right away, and ran away immediately. People were stunned. “Did you guys see that? Did you see that? There was an enormous pit of fire, and a camel about to eat me!”

Abu Jahal was thwarted. in response, the rest of Surah Alaq was revealed.

Araayta allathee yanha

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Unbelievers:forbid the votary to pray]

  • 96:9 (Asad) HAST THOU ever considered him who tries to prevent

  • عَبْدًا إِذَا صَلَّى (96:10)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    AAabdan itha salla

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Unbelievers:forbid the votary to pray]

  • 96:10 (Asad) a servant [of God] from praying? // [5]

  • أَرَأَيْتَ إِن كَانَ عَلَى الْهُدَى (96:11)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Araayta in kana AAala alhuda

  • 96:11 (Asad) Hast thou considered whether he is on the right way,

  • أَوْ أَمَرَ بِالتَّقْوَى (96:12)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Aw amara bialttaqwa

    Topics discussed in this Verse:

  • 96:12 (Asad) or is concerned with God-consciousness? // [6]

  • أَرَأَيْتَ إِن كَذَّبَ وَتَوَلَّى (96:13)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Araayta in kaththaba watawalla

  • 96:13 (Asad) Hast thou considered whether he may [not] be giving the lie to the truth and turning his back [upon it]? // [7]

  • أَلَمْ يَعْلَمْ بِأَنَّ اللَّهَ يَرَى (96:14)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Alam yaAAlam bianna Allaha yara

  • 96:14 (Asad) Does he, then, not know that God sees [all]?

  • كَلَّا لَئِن لَّمْ يَنتَهِ لَنَسْفَعًا بِالنَّاصِيَةِ (96:15)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Kalla lain lam yantahi lanasfaAAan bialnnasiyati

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah:has grasp of every creature’s forelock]

  • 96:15 (Asad) Nay, if he desist not, We shall most surely drag him down upon his forehead // [8]

  • نَاصِيَةٍ كَاذِبَةٍ خَاطِئَةٍ (96:16)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Nasiyatin kathibatin khatiatin

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah:has grasp of every creature’s forelock]

  • 96:16 (Asad) the lying, rebellious forehead! –

  • فَلْيَدْعُ نَادِيَه (96:17)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    FalyadAAu nadiyahu

  • 96:17 (Asad) and then let him summon [to his aid] the counsels of his own [spurious] wisdom, // [9]

  • سَنَدْعُ الزَّبَانِيَةَ (96:18)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    SanadAAu alzzabaniyata

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Angels:appointed over the Fire]

  • 96:18 (Asad) [the while] We shall summon the forces of heavenly chastisement!

  • كَلَّا لَا تُطِعْهُ وَاسْجُدْ وَاقْتَرِبْ (96:19)
    Baset Hussari Minshawi

    Kalla la tutiAAhu waosjud waiqtarib

    Topics discussed in this Verse:
    [Allah:nearness to Him] [Allah:prostration is exclusively to Him] [Unbelievers:do not obey them]

  • 96:19 (Asad) Nay, pay thou no heed to him, but prostrate thyself [before God] and draw close [unto Him]!
  • Once, Utbah ibn Abi Muthayr tried to strangle the Prophet

    Fatimah cleans the guts off the back of her father after someone throws the guts of a camel on his back. Rasulullah does not even move from his sujud.

    She is weeping, but Rasulullah says, “Weep not, my daughter, Allah will protect your father.”

    Rasullah decides to go to Taif because conditions have become so harsh in Mecca.

    Rasulullah met with the leaders in Taif. If you’re truly a messenger, you’re too good for us. If you’re not you’re a liar. No options. Rasulullah asked for one favor, “Don’t tell the Meccans that I came.”

    Why did he tell the people in Taif not to tell them? Because what he was doing was equivalent to treason. Guess what? They told the Meccans. They went and told the children of Taif to stone the Prophet

    The prophet was stoned so much that his feet were soaked in blood. Zayd ibn Haritha is trying to protect him. Finally jumps over a wall to escape the people. The two people who saw him felt sorry for him, so they brought some grapes and water to the prophet. He said “Bismillah” before eating. The slave said, “what is that? people in mecca don’t say that.” Rasul: “I am a Prophet of Allah.” Slave: I’m from Nayno.” Rasul: “That’s the city of my brother, Prophet Yunus. He was a prophet and messenger just like I’m a prophet and messenger.” This boy was the only person to accept Islam. Was amazed to find someone who knew who Prophet Yunus was.

    This was the most difficult day in the Prophet’s life. People asked, “was the hardest day the battle of uhud?”

    Rasulullah: “no, the hardest day was when my people and the people of Taif turned me out.

    Allah (swt) tries to console Rasulullah. Sends angel Jibreel with a garrison of angels. These angels were sent at your command. Say the word and the mountains will fall in and crush these peoples. Just say the word.

    When people cut us off driving, we give em half a peace sign sometimes. Imagine the patience and clemency of the prophet, SAW. He said, no, perhaps one day they will believe. And because of the word of our messenger, the town of Taif is spared.

    Allah reveals to the prophet, even if no one here is accepting the message, There is a whole world out there that have accepted your message, The Jinn. Allah (swt) consoles Rasul, this trip was not in vain. An entire other world has accepted your message. Sent to both the mankind and the Jinn.

    Before the revelation, Jinn were able to go and listen to the conversations amongst the angels. And they would know, come back down, tell the magicians and fortune-tellers. This is why before Islam the fortune tellers were very accurate.

    When the Quran was revealed, the heavens were closed. Guarded. Before that, they the Jinn could go up very easily. When they go up, they would no longer find it open, they would now find meteors attacking them.

    Their tactic, Jinn would line up in rows like a relay race. The only problem is it’s not accurate. They play telephone. That’s why 99% of the time it’s not accurate. Like playing telephone, earthquake in los angeles becomes earthquack in los alamos

    Why close the heavens? “We do not know if Allah wants guidance for the earth, or punishment?” They send a delegation to the earth to find out. They find Rasul in Taif. Aaah, this is the reason. The Jinn are now consoled. This is the reason.

    Shayateen: Human or Jinn. Invite others to evil.

    Surah an-Nas: We seek refuge…

    Prophet sought protection from many of the people. And no one vouched for him except al-Mut’? ibn Ali. He will come into my protection, brought his sons, they went out, brought Muhammad back into Mecca. Whoever comes and would harm the Prophet, will be hurt reallly bad.

    The Kuffar countered, “Are you Muslim?” if e said yes, then he is a foreign alien now.

    When he died before the battle of Badr, and 70 people were captured, Rasulullah said: “If al-Mut’ ibn Ali were alive and spoke to me concerning these prisoners, I would have let all of them go.” Even though he was not Muslim, Rasulullah honored his opinion so much.

    Allah honored Rasulullah with Isra and Mi’raj.

    Rasulullah was visited by Angel Jibreel, came through the roof of palm fibers.Brought zam-zam water. Heart was taken out and washed and filled with Eman. His uncle had passed away, wife had passed away. People of Makah and Taif had rejected him.

    He rode on the back of the Buraq, to Bayt al -Maqsud, Jerusalem. Buraq can go the speed of sight.

    Two places the prophets and messengers met, were Jerusalem and Mecca for hajj.

    Reached the area in which Jibreel could no longer go in the heavens, prescribed the 50 daily prayers. Musa told him to ask to lessen. Kept on going back and forth until there were only 5 left. Even then, Musa asked for less. asulullah was too ashamed. Until this day, it remained 5.

    Why did Allah start with 50? So we can be more appreciative, and realize we have only been created for the worship of Allah. 50 prayers is what we SHOULD be doing, because we were created for the worship of Allah. That’s what we SHOULD be doing, because that’s what Allah created us FOR.

    If we did have 50 prayers, we would be fulfilling our purpose. We would eat just enough to strengthen ourselves for prayer.

    If it went from 50 to 5, we should be grateful, and we should do it well!

    Rasulullah was offered milk or wine, and Rasulullah chose milk. Foreshadowing upcoming prohibition of alcohol.

    So Rasulullah went to Jerusalem and came back. People laughed, thought he was crazy. Even some Muslims, whose Iman was still weak, apostated. How can one say, I went to Jerusalem and came back?

    During those days, it ws like saying, “I prayed on the moon and came back.”

    Whatever generation you are, say Alhamdulillah that Allah gave us Islam and guidance. You gotta really be strong. So say Alhamdulilah wherever you are.

    Abu Bakr: If he says so, it must be true. I believe the truth comes from the heavens to him! That’s how strong the belief of Rasulullah was.

    IA Next week: The pledge of allegiance, hijra to medina.


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    1. Sandy November 16, 2009 at 1:28 am #

      But the Qur’an says that Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc. will all enter heaven, yes?

      • runningmuslimah November 16, 2009 at 1:40 am #

        Yes, the ones who believe the original message of Allah, to worship Him alone. Not the current version as it is now. Allah knows best.

        Waraqa bin Naufal, Khadija (ra) cousin is an example

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      Ahh, it..shukran 🙂

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      JazaAllah kheir for all this habibty 🙂 May Allah bless you so much. I will look over my notes as well and let you know if you are missing anything or if u need to add something:)

      • runningmuslimah November 16, 2009 at 2:46 pm #

        ameen, and you as well! yes please let me know what i’m missing insha Allah!

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