Seerah: The Shepherd’s Path II (RAW notes)

14 Nov

[Salaams everyone, these are my RAW notes from today. Spelling errors abound and there is some info that is garbled, like names and lineages that I didn’t get at times, so please forgive me. Continued from Day One]

There is some information that we consider temporary. Enter with the mindset that all information learned in this course is permanent and extremely important. Information related to religion is of utmost importance.

This is something they loved, their passion. When they heard something related to the deen, it stuck. This is why the great scholars of Islam could remember volumes, because all the information they read was regarded as precious. Imam Shafi’ee would require covering up footnotes when he read, because if he read the footnotes he would automatically memorize it.

Intention to apply the information learned. Intention to convey the information to their family members. The family is all knowledgeable because each conveys to the other

Saeed ibn Musayib: Great scholar of Medina, after the time of the Prophet (SAW). Khalifa wanted his son to marry the daughter of Saeed ibn Musayib. Sent messenger. Saeed ibn Musayibs reply: “When the family of Marwan (khalifa) are dragged into the hellfire, shackled in chains, I don’t want my family to be dragged with them.” Khalifa angry. Paraded SiM tied to a donkey backwards. A few months later, SiM student: Abdullah ibn Wala’a. Always in class, always in halaqa. Missing for three days. Why didn’t he come? Asked where have you been. “My wife passed away, had to take care of funeral.” Why didn’t you tell me? “I didn’t want to bother you, I know you are busy person.” SiM: Since you aren’t married, what do you think about getting married?

“Who will marry his daughter to me for three dirhams?” (like saying who would marry be for .75?)

“I will.”

Student is stunned.

“Yes, I would like to marry my daughter to you.”

Got permission from the daughter, and they were married. For three dirhams.

“When I got out of my mind, the only thing on my mind was, “Where will I get these three dirhams?”

Arrives home, is fasting. Waiting for muezzin. Has oil with bread. HEars knock on door.

“Who is it?”

Saeed. “Every saeed came to my mind except sim.

Brought wife to the door. “I didn’t want you to spend another night alone, brought soon to be wife.

Same woman the khalifa wanted his son to marry. Goes up to the roof, hyperventilating.

Neighbor asked what’s wrong with you man.

“SiM is downstairs wanting me to marry his daughter.”

Mother comes, he tells mother. “My face and your face are haraam, if you do not let these girl spend at least three days with me.”

Three days later, mother brings her back, gives the thumbs up. Beautiful, pious, sincere, above expectations for any woman.

About to go to class, when the wife asked, where are you going? He said, I’m going to class. She said, everything you need to know is right here. And it was true. She knew everything.

He didn’t just take care of himself, whatever he learned, he would go home and teach. His daughter was as knowledgeable as she.

Allah (swt) has given us a lot of brain space. Einstien only used 12%. We will never run out of space. Always be in the mindset of gaining knowledge and retaining it.

We ask Allah for sincerity and that we are learning soly for His sake.

During the time of Rasulullah, great flood. Ran out of Halal money. Even the kuffar knew to only build with halal money. (riba, gambling, prostitution money not permitted)  “Muka’ab.” <– Within the ka’aba.

Maqaam Ibrahim: Where Rasulullah would pray. This is where Ibrahim (as) would put down his supplies, and stand and check. The footprints remained from mixing of water and sand, concrete.

Rabbana Taqabal Minna: Oh Allah! Accept this from us. Always hope for our deeds to be accepted.

Hasan al-Basri: “If I knew Allah had accepted one deed of mine, I would have wanted to die in that moment.” Being in a state of pure tawakkul.

“They will comeforward to ask with deeds they have done and we will make it like flying dust. Scholars would cry because they didnt know if their deeds were sincere if tey will be accepted.

Allah will not accept anything unless its pure and clean and halal. They knew Allah would not accept the rebuilding of the Ka’aba if it came from unclean sources.

Even though our intentions are good, our methods must be good as well. If we are angering Allah through our means, our intentions will not make a difference.

Last stone is always the hardest the put, because you need to find something perfect on all sides. Northern corner, facing the north. Ibrahim goes searching, comes back, finds white stone. Ismail said it was sent from the heavens. It was sent from Jannah, was pure white. Sunnah to kiss it, became black from peoples sins. From Jannah.

Children of Ismail were always in charge. This is about 3,000 years ago from our time.

Tribe of Khuza’ah from Yemen. Defeated the Jurhum tribe, expelled them from Makkah. Children of Ismail were known for their piety, guardians of the Ka’aba. The well of zamzam. The condition that Hajar put on the well gave them the power.

Tribe of Jurhum buried the well of zamzam so the conquesters couldn’t use it. From that time on, it was lost. People never found it.

During the time of the grandfather of Rasulullah, it was the legend.

Khuzamah tribed settled, had control of politics in Mecca. Ismaili tribe was always there, children of Ismail, becuase they were the caretakers of the Ka’aba.

Abu Qubays: Just outside of Mecca, towards Safa and Marwa.

When Mecca is tunneled up, when you see this happening and the buildings have reached Abu Qubays, the Day of Judgement is near.

Rasulullah told Abu Bakr to go to Abu Qubays: Just call, and I will bring them. People would make Hajj established since the time of Ibrahim. Prophet Isa and Prophet Musa would come to make Hajj as well.

One of the ancestors of the Prophet, Usayy ibn Khilaf. He was the equivalent of George Washington to the Quraysh. Expelled the Khuza’ah tribe. For the first time, the children of Ismail had full control of Makkah. Usayy ibn Khilaf started the independence of Mecca. United the children of Ismail against the tribes of Khuza’ah.

Established five main duties: 1) As-siqaya: Providing water 2) Rifada: hosting the pilgrims 3) Hijaba: guardianship of the ka’aba 4) Liwaa: declaring war and peace 5) Nadwa: established during Usayy ibn Khilaf. Dispute resolution. (X and Ju branch)

Children of Ismail were considered the royal family, especially those who were in charge of providing food and water.

Abdud-Darr: eldest soon of Usayy ibn Khilaf. Wasn’t known for anything significant. Abdu munaff,  Abd, known for skill in oration, poetry.

Father gave Abdud-Darr control of Mecca, because he needed it. Abdud-Darr became leader of Mecca.

When Abdud-Darr died, problems started among his children.

Children of Abdu Munaff and Abdud Darr had disputes between who would take control. Struggle of power between Abd Munaff/Abd Darr

Container of perfume, all Abd Munaff put their hands in it. Symbol of unity. Pledge of allegience. Min hiff mutayibin. Started rubbing the Ka’aba with it to show they would unite.

Children of Abd Darr did same, only with blood. On the verge of civil war. Decided to share the powers. Give religious affairs to children of abdu Munaff. Political to Abd Darr. Got control of Nadwa and Liwaa.

Children of Munaff: 1) As-siqaya: Providing water 2) Rifada: hosting the pilgrims 3) Hijaba: guardianship of the ka’aba

Children of Abd Darr soon realized they got the short end of the stick. People respect religious affairs better. People were always praising the children of Abdu Munaaf.

Messenger (SAW): Allah chose Kinana fom the Children of Ismail. Chose Quraysh from Kinaan. Qurra ibn Ka’ab ibn

Fihr ibn Malik great^3 grandfather of Qusayy ibn Khilaf.

From the most highest respected lineage.

Amr ibn Abdul (Minar?) known as Hisham. in charge of taking care of pilgrims, did things differently. did not just provide broth, added bread to the soup. The soup is more hearty with bread. People asked who did this? Hasham means to crush. That is Hashim, the guy who crushed it. “The one who crushed it” “Oh that’s Hashim ,the crusher. ”

What do they ones who return from Hajj have to tell you. So many stories. Especially if they were treated very well. The whole of Arabia would hear about it. Hashim became very famous. Because of qualities: generosity.

Went to As-Shaam on trip w/ wife. Married to a Madani woman, Bani Najar. REspected woman of Arabia, most. noblest clan. so noble, she was the only woman in arabia, she had the power of divorce in her own hands.

During business trip, Hashim became sick and he passed away. His wife returned, not to Mecca. no family remaining, but she was pregnant. Returned to Medina, gave birth, had grey hair. Named him Shayba. “old man” just a baby

We have reverse attitudes to age, try to take a few years off. In some countries like Asia being old isn’t something to hide. Some poeple might add a few years if you ask. You don’t wan tto seem young because wisdom comes with old age.

SHayba son of Hashim. Very well known. ONly son. Hashim from Abdul Munaff, who is most popular child of Usayy ibn Khilaf. Even during the time of Prophet, when he began calling. Kuffar even countered, ” If what you are saying is true, then make Usayy ibn Khilaf come back from his grave, and we will follow you.” Usayy ibn Khilaf ultimate patriot, reunited Mecca.

Shayba when he was just a boy, his uncle Al-Mutalib comes to bring Shayba back to Mecca. To let him take his rightful place in Quraysh. He will be the most respected in terms of lineage.

Family was skeptical tht Shayba would return with uncle. Al-Mutalib was able to convince Shaybe to return with him, told him about his noble lineage.

People in Mecca see that Al-Mutalib have brought this boy in, think he is a slave. Start calling him Abdul-Mutalib. So it stuck. Even when they found out he was the son of Hashim

Grew up very strong, like a natural leader. Becomes leader of Qurashi tribe. One day, he is sleeping in the shade of the Ka’aba. In his dream, he sees a person comes to him and says to him, Dig up barra. From birr, piety.

“What is this? What’s barra?”

Man goes away.

Dreams again. Part II. “Dig up theba.” (pure and pleasant) Man runs way.

Dreams Part III. Knows this is not a regular dream. Al-Madoona (the hidden treasure) “What’s madoona?” Guy runs away.

Suspense is building up.

4th time: Same man comes and says, Dig up zam-zam!

He knows its a legendary well lost. “Will provide water for the pilgrims, and it will never end. and it is between blood and guts, at the ant colony under the crow with the red feet.

Doesn’t know what it means. One day, a man slaughtered a camel at the ka’aba. Takes the meat away, leaves the blood and guts. Pulling the guts away, leaves a streak. Then he sees an ant colony, an army of ants. Then a crow comes down, starts pecking at the guts. Abdul Mutalib sees the crow has red feet.

Harith, come on, get your shovels.

He and his sons start digging, people think he’s crazy. Keeps on digging digging, and water starts to gush out. Everyone gathers around, says, Abul-Mutalib, you found our lost well!” He says, Our well? I found it! They explain this is the well that was found by Ibrahim and Ismail. Tension.

After consultation, let’s go to the witch of Banu Saeeda. “She has already moved to ash-shaam.” they decided to go to her. Elders of Quraysh got ready to go to Ash-Shaam. Got lost and missed a well. In the desert, if you miss a well, you are as good as dead. Abdul-Mutalib ran out of water, everybody runs out of water.

They continue, they know they won’t make it. Abdul-Mutalib suggested to start digging graves, at least we’ll all die nobly. Finds water as he is digging his grave. They took it as an indication that this is a sign its his. Forget Shaam.

People would tell their kids this story before bedtime. Everyone knows him, legendary.

Abdul-Mutalib learned a great lesson from this story. “I would not have had to go through this if I had more sons.” If he comes out with 10 sons in full armor, no one could mess with him.

“Ya Allah, if you give me 10 sons, I promise to slaughter the 10th son for you.” The 10th happened to be Abdullah.

When he is born, Abdul Mutalib takes him to the Ka’aba to slaughter him because he promised. People started coming to him, “we are already killing our daughters” out of shame, afraid someone would violate her. Had so much “respect”, and the worst thing that could happen is not being able to protect your wife or daughters.

If you start killing your son, people will follow you, you will sit a precedent. From now on, any person who has a 10th son will attempt to slaughter him. “Let’s go to the witch of Banu Saeed.”

Known for sorcery, fortune telling. Came back after a day. She asked, “How much is a life worth to you?” If someone kills someone by mistake, the blood money is 10 camels.

Told them to pick lots. One representing camels, one representing Abullah. Kept having to double the lots because it was not enough. Finally went up to 100 camels before the draw went back on the camels.

Not a single hungry person in Mecca that year. Consequence: Abdullah became legendary.

Raised the status of Abdul-Mutalib, and all the children of Abdul-Mutalib.

And thus, Rasulullah was born from the noblest of the most noble families of Mecca.

Most important qualities of high family power is influence. If no one listens to you, you aren’t a leader. Someone may not have influence, but just because he is the son of so and so, he is put in power.

If you’re not from the Quraysh, you won’t have the influence.

Allah was preparing him, chose all the messengers from the most nobleist of families.

Abraha: governor of Yemen. A general who led a coup against the governor. Had a duel with Abraha. “If I win, leave me alone, if I’m losing, send someone in.” Abraha gets his nose chopped off, but “wins.”

Abraha knows about the Arabs. He wanted to make them change their pilgrimage. Built the largest, most beautiful cathedral. Equivalent of Barack Obama telling the Muslims to come to gound zero for hajj at brand new Ka’aaba. Be patriotic, make hajj to new york.

Of course the Arabs didn’t listen to him. Even smeared feces on walls of cathedral. Abraha loses his mind. Gathers a great army, including an elephant from Abyssinia. Like the equivalent of modern day tanks. Each tribe declared jihad against Abraha.

Whoever dies defending the Ka’aba is considered a martyr. People attack on the way, but were crushed. Arrived on the outskirts of Mecca. Found 100 camnels, of abdul-muttalib. take possession of the camels.

abdul-muttalib consults with the people, and suggests that everyone leaves, goes into the mountains, and leave it to Allah.

Abraha sends a messenger, wants to see Abdul-Mutalib. Just the demeanor, the way he looks commands respect.

Abraha was thinking of letting him sit on the same throne, but too much respect. He looks like his reputation. Abraha is stunned. Sits on the ground, and says let’s discuss.

Abdul-Mutalib says, “I want my camels back.”

Abraha is confused, the whole town, the Ka’aba is about to be destroyed, and he’s worried about his camels?

Abdul-Mutalib: The camels has an owner, the Ka’aba has an owner. I take care of my camels, and the owner of the Ka’aba will take care of it.”

On the way there, Abdul Mutalib was making duaa to Allah with tears rolling down his face,

Elephant refused to move, until it started to bleed. It would move in any direction except for the direction of Ka’aba.

Allah (swt) sent the ababeel with burning stones. When the stones would fall, would go straight though the person to the ground. Abraha died on the way back to Yemen.

After this incidence, the Quraysh were considered the people of God. People just wanted to touch them

Who could have stopped this army? No one. But Allah saved His house.

If Allah sent a messenger from this tribe, we would follow him. Simply from the respect of the tribe of Quraysh, and the lineage that came with it

Whatever happened during that particular year, they would name it after that incident. Amr al – Fil.

Just a few months later, Rasulullah was born.

Abdullah went to buy dates, died on the way. Rasulullah was born an orphan. If the father was not there, and the child was under the age of puberty, considered an orphan.

12 of Rabial Awwal not the sound date of Rasulullah’s birth. Born on a Monday. How should we celebrate his birthday? By fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

If it was part of our religion, there would have been terms and conditions. The sahaba would have done it as well, and who is better, us or them?

Monday in Rabi al-Awwal. Weak narrations: born circumsised. Brought him to the masjid on Seventh day for akikah.  The tipping point: matches with the default. Two weak narrations, go with the one that matches the context.

Named Muhammad, (the praised one, qualitative) In the Bible, Torah (Ahmed, the one who is praised quantitatively)

People started calling children Muhammad around the time Rasulullah was born. Signs of the coming of the last prophet, attack of Abraha. Perhaps this child would be the next prophet. Some narrations, Aminah received a dream that he should be calling Muhammad.

Khutba tul Haja – traditional duaa said by the Prophet before a talk.

haa imikruo kitabia? like saying YEAAAAAAAH i got the book in my right hand

Idol worship came in during time of khuza’ah.

Why was Rasulullah born an orphan?

So no one could say he was raised to be a prophet. When he was born, he did not stay with his family members. Stayed with Halimah, from Banu Saeeda. Mother passed away when he was 6 years of age. Lived with his uncle, abu talib, who was not Muslim. There is wisdom. It’s for all the orphans out there. They feel like they’re missing something. You see people who don’t have fathers and you feel bad.

Almost every hardship that anyone could go through, Rasulullah went through it. So he can be an example for all those who are patient.

“Whoever is afflicted by a calamity, let him use me as a source of strength.”  The people who are most tested and tried are those who choose to follow in the footsteps of the prophets.

Children sent to desert to learn pure Arabic. Mecca was a trading town. Many languages. Financial capital of the Arabian peninsula.

If you could recite poetry in pure Arabic, you were respected. Didn’t intermingle with non-Arabs coming in and out.

Don’t want to raise your kids in Mecca. Not a clean environment for an infant to grow up in. Big city, no sewer system.

Go to the desert, where the air is fresh. The survival rate is much better. Learn how to be, learn the hard life. Appreciate things more. Learn the skills of life, these skills are needed.

Details about the stories, no rulings extracted from it. As a general rule, if you aren’t mentioning something strong, mention the variability of its strength.

Haleema, living among bedioun tribes in the outskirts of mecca. Sometimes the story is authentic, and the details are variable.

Haleema had her own children also. Prophet SAW one day was brought back to his mother. At 3 or 4 years of age, brought back because much stronger. Didn’t want him to go back because of the blessing sshe received while he was staying with her. Her provision had increased, flock had become plentiful, health had improved. Did not yet want to bring the Prophet back to the city. Haleema asked to prolong the stay, and RAsulullah’s mother agreed. So he returned to the desert with Haleema. During the return, something happened.

One day, playing with friends. Rasulullah (saw) by himself. Angel Gibreel came down, opened his chest, washed his heart with zam zam water. He was awake at the time. Angel Gibreel took out a black clot of blood. In us, this is the normal inclination toward sin. Occured at 4 years old approx.

Allah swt wanted to prepare Rasulullah for Prophethood. The heart is the organ in which the source of reflection and thinking is.

…They have hearts that understand not.

ذَلِكَ بِأَنَّهُمْ آمَنُوا ثُمَّ كَفَرُوا فَطُبِعَ عَلَى قُلُوبِهِمْ فَهُمْ لَا يَفْقَهُونَ (63:3)
Baset Hussari Minshawi

Thalika biannahum amanoo thumma kafaroo fatubiAAa AAala quloobihim fahum la yafqahoona

Topics discussed in this Verse:
[Hypocrites] [Muhammad:confronts the Hypocrites] [Unbelievers:hearts are sealed]

  • 63:3 (Asad) this, because [they profess that] they have attained to faith, whereas // <![CDATA[
    // [2] [inwardly] they deny the truth – and so, a seal has been set on their hearts so that they can no longer understand [what is true and what false]. // <![CDATA[
    // [3]

    ..Hearts have memory. Heart transplant patient, Muslim, started singing songs from the heart of the girl she was carrying.

    Murdered girl, transplant had nightmares. Really memories of her murder. Were able to catch him. This is in the heart.

    Haleema was shaken by this incident, so she took him back to Aminah. Haleema was afraid that something else might happen to Rasulullah (SAW), and she told Aminah. Aminah reassured her, this is a very special, blessed child. Easiest pregnancy, blessings.

    Returned at age 4 to his mother. Aminah passed away at age 6.

    Abdul Matalib loved him very much. Was the only one allowed to sit with him under the shade of the Ka’aba. This throne, no one was allowed to touch it. Besides Abdul Mutalib, only Rasulullah was allowed to sit. One day Abdul Mutalib lost a camel, and sent Rasulullah to find the camel. Did not return for a very long time.

    When Rasulullah did come back, he said, “By Allah I will never sned you to do anything ever agan.” SO afraid, he never parted from the Prophet after that. That’s how much he loved him. Then at age 8, his grandfather passed away also.

    Abu Talib, uncle who took care of him. In comparison to his other brothers, he was very poor, but noble. Even if you’re poor, noble traits, generosity can elevate you.

    In Abu Talib’s house, no one was allowed to eat, until Rasulullah came home. Abu Talib loved him so much, he was the only one allowed to sleep in his room. Never parted from the messenger. Bond since he was very young.

    Rasulullah was also very helpful. Would help out in the finances. Worked as a shepherd. Not a high paying job, equivalent to a paperboy.

    If you went through poverty, Rasulullah also went through poverty. Didn’t mean they were disrespected. If you were kind, and generous, you were praise-worthy.

    The only people who feel like they’re poor, is the one who looks at people who have more. It’s how you feel about yourself.

    Every prophet who was ever sent by Allah, was a shepherd.

    Allah chose this as a preparation for every prophet. There is a wisdom behind it.

    They said even you oh Prophet of Allah, you were a shepherd?


    • patience
    • kindness (with camels, must be harsh)
    • qualities of leadership – teaches you how to lead people from imminent danger into safety

    Flock can’t see the danger that is coming. The flock, if they see the danger, they will run themselves. How do you bring the flock from danger to safety if they don’t know they’re in danger

    See the upcoming danger

    • humbleness, humility. shepherd not in a position to be arrogant.

    When you are out in the country, by yourself with the flock. The creation of Allah, the stars at nightime. Makes you realize the creation of Allah. The peacefulness, the beauty. You don’t find atheists in the country. They’re always in the city.

    • getting used to answering to a higher authority

    usually, these sheep are not yours. if you lose one, you can’t blame the other sheep. you must answer to the owner.

    • teaches responsibility.
    • teaches self-sufficiency

    if they’re poor, and working, it shows they are willing to work. as a da’ee, try your very best not to depend on other people. and if you have to speak the truth, you may not, because that may be the source of your salary.

    Messenger of Allah (SAW) was a shepherd. Later on, became a merchant. Worked for one of the richest women, Khadija (RA). Very noble, many people wanted to marry her. Knew more about the Messenger from her servant, Maysara. Told her about the qualities of Rasulullah. It’s okay for a woman to initiate the process of marriage.

    Khadija (RA) one narration states 40, the other states 29. Both are strong in terms of strength. But more likely, she was 29. She had 5 more children. If she was 40, she would have had children into her 50s. And Allah knows best.

    How to differentiate between strong and weak hadith. Apply the rules of hadith. Older books of Seerah, Mughazi, about campaigns of Rasulullah. Have chains of narrators.

    Fusha arabic, language of quran and hadith, spoken during this time. Imam Shafi’ee, is generally considered the last person to have spoken fusha Arabic. To study quranic arabic, study the Quran itself.

    Both picked for prophethood and made for prophethood.

    If the message did not reach a person, they are not held accountable for not hearin/understanding the message

    Allah still sends messengers to remind us. Allah will tell those people who didn’t hear the message to jump into the hellfire. If they jump in, they will be given jannah.

    Prophet Muhammad: “We have not sent you except as a mercy to the whole universe.” Quran

    The message will come to people.

    When Rasulullah was around 40, he started to crave seclusion. He would see things happening in his dream, and then those things would occur. For prophets and messengers, their dreams are from Allah. For us, our dream are either from our subconcious, or from Shaytan, or from Allah. Dreams to M/P are always from Allah.

    When prophet Ibrahim saw himself in a dream being ordered to sacrifice his son, it was an order from Allah. A few days later he would see that occur.

    This was preparation for prophethood and messengership, even though he didn’t know he would be a messenger yet.

    After marrying Khadija, Rasulullah was very well off. Allah offered the mountains of mecca to be urned to gold for the prophet. refused. Nay, let me be hungry for one day, and let me eat to my full for one day, on the day that i’m hungry, i can learn to be patient, onthe day i am full i can learn to be thankful. WE ARE EITHER PATIENT OR THANKFUL.

    Rasulullah was very generous zuhd-ikhtiyari.  Rasulullah saw the evils that were occuring.

    The first to bring idols to Mecca: Amr bin Luhay. Was very sick, was told he could find relief in Ash-Shaam. Syria, Jordan, Lebanon. Went to ash-Shaam, saw people worshiping idols. Was curious, because there was no idol worship in Arabia in those days.

    First idol brought to Mecca: Hubal.

    Jinn told Amr bin Luhay about the whereabouts of the idols of Noah’s folk.

    There were people who were very learned, very pious. These were the scholars of Nuh’s time. Iblis came, and told the people to make these idols to remind you of these pious, righteous people. He didn’t tell them to worship these idols right away. He took it one step at a time. Eventually, the first generation passed away. Iblis told the second generation, your forefathers used to worship them.

    Don’t make your houses like graves, a house that Surah Baqarah is READ IN is protected. Quran shouldn’t be used as adornment.

    During the time of Nuh, idols were put in the hall.

    Shaytan works on us in stages. First, we don’t pray superogatory, sunnah, tahiyatul masjid, then we start missing fard prayers.

    Idol worship became widespread in the Arabian peninsula because the Arabs set the precedent

    Incident with abdul muttalib increased blood money from 10 to 100 camels

    Amr bin Luhay intestines dragging in hellfire because of introducing idols.

    Two idols people would touch for blessing isaaf and na’ila. two lovers who were turned to stone. isaaf wanted to marry na’ila, but parents refused. he had a plan. ask your parents to go make hajj.

    poor people could not afford special tawaaf clothing, so they had to make tawaaf naked. normal and acceptable.

    Isaaf and Na’ila were first placed on safa and marwa, but then brought to the kabaa when people forgot.

    Zayd ibn Haritha was nephew of Khadija, Muhammad freed him and adopted him. people called him Zayd ibn Muhammad.

    Prophet Muhammad refused to touch the idols when he made tawaaf. Rasulullah knew it was wrong, and was never inclined even as a teenager.

    So trustworthy, people trusted him more than they trusted their own families. People would leaves money, wealth, and valuables.

    On the conquest of Makkah, there were 360 idols found in the Ka’aba.

    When someone is natural inclined, it hurts you. Naturally repulsive. Lead him to seclude himself.

    Why did they worship these idols? They believed in Allah, but they believed these idols brought them closer to Allah. We do not worship them, except in the hopes that they bring them closer to Allah astagfirullah.

    Better to always ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala directly, instead of asking others to supplicate for you. We always feel a little put upon when others ask us to make duaa for them. Rasulullah fought them, until they were able to wipe this concept from their heads.

    Cleansed Mecca from idols. Read the surahs that were revealed in Mecca.

    Allah created humankind with natural inclination to worship Allah. Best source of debate material, the quran. All the arguments are presented there.

    Describe your lord to us, oh Muhammad!

    Samad (الصَّمَدُ) the one who others turn to for help. This is the natural inclination of us, it is naturally put into our hearts, when push comes to shove, everything goes away. Natural reaction whether they want to or not. That’s what it means.  Allah can only be one. There can be no other.

    If there were other gods in the heavens and the earth, there would be chaos

    It’s not sunnah to seclude ourselves, but there is a type of seclusion. At the end of the day, sit down and reflect upon what you did today. what can you do to be a better person. write down, reflect upon things.

    You want to change things, but you don’t know what to do you don’t know how. Rasulullah would seclude himself in gharay hira.

    During the month of Ramadan. The Arabs of Arabia would soon become the scholars of the world.

    In the battle of Badr, if people were captured, if they didn’t have money, they could ransom themselves by teaching 10 madani children how to read.

    Iqra! اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ (96:1)

    خَلَقَ الْإِنسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ

    Why was Rasulullah squeezed so hard? To know the pain, the seriousness. To know it’s real. Wake up, come back to reality

    Learn that people went through similar things.

    Rasulullah was shaking after this encounter with Angel Jibreel, and confided in Khadija

    She told him, no, this is not because you are insane. You are always te most generous, the most beloved person. You deal with people in a respectful manner. She was always the comfort of his house, and she could always count on that when he came home. When she heard what had happened, she suggested they go to her cousin, Waraqa bin Naufal.

    Waraqa bin Naufal considered a Muslim, saw a dream in which Waraqa was wearing all white.

    Described in a dream whathe had seen. This is the same Namoos, the same thing that was revealed to Prophet Musa alayhis salam. And if I am still younge, if only i were till young, then i would help you in all that i can when your people expell you from the land. And when they do, I wish I was still young so that i would be able to help you. I wish i was there to be there for you when this happens. The prophet was stunned. Are they going to expell me? Me? Why did he say that, why was he surprised? Because he ws the most beloved child of the tribe of Quraysh. If maka were to be emptied, he would be the last person to be kicked out

    Are they going to expell me? There hasn’t been a single person who came out with a message like yours, except that he was expelled.

    This made Rasulullah scared and worried, but it made him happy. He was looking not for prophethood, but instinctively, he knew all this oppression all this wrongness, was wrong. I wanted to change and now Allah has given me, chosen me for this message.

    Test from Allah: cessation of revelation.

    Weeks, others have mentioned 6 months. No revelation People hearing, making fun

    Woman comes by, “Oh Muhammad, has your shaytan left you already? Has he abandoned you?

    You get excited, and then you see nothing. This is what Rasulullah was struggling with. Very difficult time because people were making fun of him. Everybody was talking about it. What happened?

    Some narrations that Rasulullah wanted to jump off a cliff…not something confirmed that has a complete chain, this is a commentary, an opinion about something w/o a chain. It might be opinion of other scholars. Covered in Chain of Command. How to read through Sahih al Bukhari. Not appropriate for a messenger to think about suicide.

    Then, Allah revealed one after the other. Allah revealed the first few ayahs of Sura al-Mudathir.

    Rasulullah would joke, but tell truth always

    When you are living in a society where there is corruption, your responsibility is to give them dawah, or they will give you dawah. In Islam, being in debt is so bad. If someone passed away, the first question Rasulullah asked was “Does this person have a debt?” he would not pray for that person, unless someone took it on.

    The average american sees 3,000 ads a day. Made to believe you need things you don’t, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.

    In this society, the good becomes bad, the bad becomes good.

    If you don’t make dawah, they will make dawah to you.

    Ya ayuhal muzzamil! Oh you who are covered in your blanket, stand up and pray! Except for a small portion that you aren’t praying. Or increase and add on to it, and recite the Quran in proper tarteel.

    A person who bows down to Allah, can stand up to anything. You’re going to need it! Living in a non-Muslim country, in a society that isn’t Muslim, we need tahajud more than ever. You need to strengthen your connection with Allah because that’s the only way you’re going to weather the storm because otherwise youre going to fall and you’re going to fall into the traps and the dceptions and you’re going to be sucked up into society.

    Three tings

    Iqra: Read

    Qum: stand up and deliver the message

    Qum: stand up and increase the remembrance of Allah

    Next was Surah ad-Duha. Allah has not abandoned you, nor does he hate you.

    Think about how someone beloved to you, you’re told they aren’t coming, and they do! Wow!

    The reason, to build that up, and then you have the world off your shoulders. There is wisdom in everything that happens.

    Don’t forget your roots, don’t forget where you came from. The greatest blessing is what? Islam. When it’s time to pray, you have the truth. Why are you afraid of those who have misguidance. When it’s time to pray, show them what the truth is. When they’re not getting the true picture of Islam, show them. Show they what a true Muslim really is.

    Surah Iqra, Mudatthir, Muzamil, Duha.

    Khadija was the first to believe in him. Then Zayd, then Ali

    You need to be wealthy to take care of pilgrims. When his father passed away, he was not wealthy enough to take care of the pilgrims. Abbas was the ones who took care of the pilgrims, responsibility was transferred to him.

    After Rasul got married, he went to his uncle and said, lets go to al-Abbas and take care of his children. Raise them and provide for them. Abu Talib said that’s fine, just leave one of m

    Ja’afar lived with Abbas?

    The first were of his household

    Abu Bakr was not in town, but he was the first man non household to accept islam

    Ali first boy

    Zayd first slave

    first ever Khadija radialahu anha

    They thought that Muhammad was just another person who believed idol worship was wrong.

    Went to Uthman ibn Afaan, Said ibn Waqaas. For the fist three years, no open proclamation of this dawaah.

    Lesson: When you want to start an organizaton. The first thing that you have to do is not go out and proclaim. Find people who you can work with very well. Find people who are sincere, who are willing to sacrifice this time. Build a strong core group first. Then, after that you can call other people. A lot of people who become involved may cause more problems. Because some people might cause trouble. That’s why the first stage was the secretive stage.

    And warn your tribe of near kindred. It’s now time to branch out, to make this public now.

    When you hear sirens, seek shelter. immediately. Everyone in the marketplace stopped. Checked what’s going on. Started calling out tribes, calling people by name.

    I warn you of a grevious punishment. In dawah, you have to make it personal. That’s why you call people individually, make it personal. You’re no longer going to downtown Disney. Make sure the email is different, personalize, let them know you saw them. Called out his own daughter.

    Oh my daughter, I cannot help you unless you accept this message. Personalize it.


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