13 Nov

Today, I locked my keys in my car when I went to work. I parked, killed the engine, and left the keys on the seat while I rummaged through my bag for something. I got out, locked up, and walked inside, forgetting my keys on the seat. I didn’t even realize it until I left work and my keys weren’t in my bag. First I patted my pockets down, then I peered through the window. Sure enough, there they were, sitting on a UMF Eid-ul-Adha flyer, mocking me. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see ’em, they were blending in with the roller coaster design on the front. I called my sister, but she was in class, so I called my mom, who was home. Alhamdulillah, we live right down the street so it wasn’t more than 15 minutes before my mom had arrived, with keys AND pizza. ❤

When we got home, my grandma was like, “Arey I wanted to come but your mom didn’t take me!” I was like, “Nani,  it was a rescue mission! Dangerous!”

From the bedroom my mom called, “She didn’t want me to go, she said tell her just call the police–”

(I overheard it as, “I told her she should just call the police!”)

“Wait, what, you told nani I should just call the police–”

“–or tee-ripple-A!”

Suddenly my brain went chic-chic-chic because there was no mistaking that affected accent.

“Oh,” I laughed. “I thought you said I should’ve called the police.”

My mom bust out with this half-giggle, half-snort and then we were in hysterics. As we were laughing, Nani started regaling us with a tale about how my cousin got locked in the minivan 10 years ago in Miami. My cousin came over, and when I told her we quickly established this was a story that had been told many, many times.

Al-Maghrib tomorrow. I’m iksytid. <– I took a phonetic test today at university to see if I qualify for the captioning training being offered. They give you a word (okay, 50 words) like “coffee” and you have to write it out exactly as you think it sounds, so “kofi.” Physics is “fiziks.” There was other grammar stuff, but that was pretty easy and I hope I hear back from them. I’m already getting messed up though. I requested a mic today and in my notes I wrote “microfone” instead of “microphone.” Although, from a scientific point of view, the former is more correct. Doing the phonetic testing reminded me of writing Arabic/Urdu. In the captioning, you don’t write “physics” you simply write “fzks.” No vowel sounds, just like with Arabic and Urdu.


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