Beach Trip.

17 Oct

Went to the beach this morning with my mom and sister and it was amazing.

Came home, took a nap, and then my sister and I hung out with one of our friends from work, Tasha. We went to the mall, ostensibly to help with my assignment for school. I have to go to a place where teenagers congregate and observe the various cliques and groups.

We ended up getting sidetracked and I soon realized I would just have to go to the mall by myself and sit somewhere inconspicuous and take notes. Tasha was a big help though because she knows how every single trend started and could explain the origin of skinny jeans and every single fad and fashion. She’s like Wikipedia Fashionista. I did get a lot of background info and that’ll be very advantageous.

The skinny jeans on guys trend is so disgusting and I can’t believe any guy could wear those. I see guys at school and work wearing them all the time and it is just mind boggling. I remember when I was in high school and it was all about baggy pants. What happened to those days?


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