15 Oct

For blogging under the name “Running Muslimah,” I sure haven’t been doing a whole lot of running, have I? Well, I ran today! Ms. Bonaparte and I ran until we wanted to die, walked until we didn’t, ran until near fatal heart palpitations, rinse, repeat. It was beautiful.

Earlier this morning, at 8 AM, I finally took the plunge and skated around the university campus. It was insanely fun and 30 minutes later I had done a round of the entire campus and was feeling pretty groovy, albeit quite sweaty. Not the best thing to do right before class, note to self. Two campuses in two days, one pair of skates, what will they conquer next?

Supernatural was already underway when I arrived home, but I will watch the sacrilegious shenanigans of the dynamic demon-decimating duo and their unholy tax accountant…tomorrow, tentatively.

I adore alliteration.


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