1 Oct

Finally, finally, finally, the weather has cooled down. This morning my sister told me to stick my head out the door, the air is actually cold! And it WAS!

This whole day was amazing. I wasn’t blasted in the face with a heatwave the moment I walked out the door or entered my car. Crisp, cool breeze, so refreshing and invigorating. I was driving home from school and the air was so fresh and cold and the moon was shining and the last strands of sunset were on the horizon and my heart felt so full I thought I was going to float out of my vehicle.

The forecasters got it right for once, they said we’d have a low of 67 F on Wednesday and they were right! Gold stars and cupcakes all around.

So…I dressed to workout but didn’t officially work out, although my legs are screaming like I did. I did, technically. Walking is a pretty good workout in and of itself, and at college I walk A LOT, but I still need to get back on track, yo.

Almost got hit while crossing the street by a driver who was trying to make a right turn. Is it “pedestrian,” “right,” or “way” that they don’t understand?

Managed to fit 4 days worth of clothing in one carry-on using the tried and true “whole is more than the sum of it’s parts” method. I have two outfits technically in the carry-on, and one outfit of clothing will be on my person, of course. Monday will consist of an amalgam of clothing worn on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. (With the exception of undergarments, of course. Doy.)

Still need to find some playing cards. 48 hours and some change until IlmFest!


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