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Beach Trip.

17 Oct

Went to the beach this morning with my mom and sister and it was amazing.

Came home, took a nap, and then my sister and I hung out with one of our friends from work, Tasha. We went to the mall, ostensibly to help with my assignment for school. I have to go to a place where teenagers congregate and observe the various cliques and groups.

We ended up getting sidetracked and I soon realized I would just have to go to the mall by myself and sit somewhere inconspicuous and take notes. Tasha was a big help though because she knows how every single trend started and could explain the origin of skinny jeans and every single fad and fashion. She’s like Wikipedia Fashionista. I did get a lot of background info and that’ll be very advantageous.

The skinny jeans on guys trend is so disgusting and I can’t believe any guy could wear those. I see guys at school and work wearing them all the time and it is just mind boggling. I remember when I was in high school and it was all about baggy pants. What happened to those days?


Fuzzy dice.

16 Oct

Drove to the downtown masjid with my mom, fuzzy dice dangling from the rear view mirror alongside my 99 Names of Allah hangy-thingy, feeling like a total baller. (Yes, complete stress on the “er.” Inside joke with my sister.)

Ms. Bonaparte won it for me at the milk can toss at VCC’s Matador Day because I have no coordination when it comes to carnival games. I can make baskets from the top of the key but when it comes to a piddly little tin can at a distance of 3 feet, I am lost.

I did win a really cool keychain by my own wits, though. I had to answer a question correctly in order to get a prize. The question: “Which artist refuses to play ‘Sexyback’ at his own concerts?”

Thank god I found out from a certain artist’s great-great-grandfather that one day, “He will bring sexy back.”

Had some amazing fried fish at the masjid. I forgot to pick up one of the scrumptous-looking cookies, though. 😦

Afterward we participated in a group discussion. I volunteered myself to write down the pertinent points on the whiteboard. At first one side was supposed to be “Issues” and the other side “Solutions” but it wound up being more of a linear “Issue/Solution” layout because I kept running out of space on one side of the board. Sister N. volunteered to write down everything on paper because there wasn’t enough room on the whiteboard for all the points. Man, we wrote a LOT. “They made us work tonight!” I said to Sister N. when we broke for Isha.

I was so happy when Sister N. told me she reads my blog while working out. Awwww. *warm fuzzies* I become ridiculously happy whenever anyone tells me they read my blog. I’m still in denial that anyone even gives a crap about anything I write.

This morning I walked in the neighborhood. It was so beautiful, slightly overcast but with a nice breeze. When I got back to the house I felt like sweeping the driveway. As I was sweeping my sister opened the door and blearily stuck her head out.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Sweeping the driveway.”

“You know the tree’s gonna crap more leaves all over the driveway in five minutes, right?

“I’m doing it for the exercise!”

I noticed we have a basketball hoop pole…but there’s no hoop. This is the first time I really took a look at it, for a while it was just this annoying pole that I had to make sure I didn’t slam my car door into while getting in or out. There’s a notch at the top where you can install the backboard and once I cut back a few of the branches on the tree I’m gonna have me a veritable basketball court in my driveway, insha Allah. The pole is solidly built, cement poured all around it in the ground. Might as well make use of it. I found someone selling a basketball hoop on Craigslist for $20 about 10 minutes south of our house, so I’m taking a look-see tomorrow.

After sweeping, I installed the mirror in my sister’s room that has been sitting on her vanity for about 2 months. She was happy and made me feel like the best sister everrrr. Then I did a humongous load of laundry, and felt very accomplished and domestic for it not yet being 12 PM.

I started calling around a few places to look for possible alternate venues for the upcoming Al-Maghrib seminar. We have something confirmed for the first weekend, but the second weekend is looking a bit iffy because we need something we can secure for both days. I thought I had struck gold when I called OCPS and inquired about the high school auditoriums.

“Hmm…the auditorium. That’ll be $200…”

I waited with my heart in my throat.

“…per hour.”

And it immediately sank right back into my chest cavity.

I gently intimated that that was a bit out of our price range. Try like, a LOT. We’re still looking at other possible venues, so insha Allah we’ll find something.

Sleep now!


15 Oct

For blogging under the name “Running Muslimah,” I sure haven’t been doing a whole lot of running, have I? Well, I ran today! Ms. Bonaparte and I ran until we wanted to die, walked until we didn’t, ran until near fatal heart palpitations, rinse, repeat. It was beautiful.

Earlier this morning, at 8 AM, I finally took the plunge and skated around the university campus. It was insanely fun and 30 minutes later I had done a round of the entire campus and was feeling pretty groovy, albeit quite sweaty. Not the best thing to do right before class, note to self. Two campuses in two days, one pair of skates, what will they conquer next?

Supernatural was already underway when I arrived home, but I will watch the sacrilegious shenanigans of the dynamic demon-decimating duo and their unholy tax accountant…tomorrow, tentatively.

I adore alliteration.


15 Oct

After many, many, many months, dare I say, over a year? I finally dusted off the old inline skates and took ’em for a spin after class. Breezed around the Valencia campus. Felt like I’d never stopped. Old noggin still got it, and I suppose there’s something to be said for muscle memory, too. Worked up quite the sweat, even though I didn’t feel I was exerting myself. It was…fun. Really fun.

Also, the solution to my life: Coffee. Copious quantities of coffee. Chai will always be my first love, but coffee is slowly but inevitably carving out a space for itself in my caffeine-riddled heart. The medicine to cure any ailment, so long as it is only related to perceived physical fatigue levels.

101° F. In October. I thought it was fall? As in, falling temperature?

13 Oct

So Florida is living up to it’s status of “in like a lion, out like a lamb” regarding the summer temperatures. Kinda turns the metaphor on it’s ear, because in this case it’s the HOT temperatures that are refusing to go. I was driving home from school yesterday and one of the various LCD screens along the way broadcast a cheerful 101° F. Lovely.

Today one of my classmates asked me to teach her how to wear the hijab. “You have the prettiest scarves!” D’awwwww. *warm fuzzies*

IlmFest was amazing  and awesome and everything I hoped it would be and needed it to be. I met Dalia Mogahed. She spoke on Saturday night of the conference (I bought the CD of her speech) and she said out of 3,000 service projects that were done for the United We Serve campaign, approximately 2,700 of the projects were from Muslim organizations! That’s like, 90%! Not, like, is! It IS 90%! She said the response from the Muslim community was overwhelming. She told me Project Downtown was one of the main inspirations! *hearts* I asked her why she didn’t come, and she was a bit confused because she hadn’t heard anything about coming to Orlando for our service project.

“My sister said maybe you skipped out and took your kids to Disney World,” I remarked. She laughed. She said she would have loved to have come, but she hadn’t known of any plans for that specific day.

One of the Al-Maghrib speakers gave her an American flag jeweled pin as a token of her efforts on behalf of all Muslims living here in the US. “Is it made in China?” I asked. She flipped the box over. “No…Thailand!” Hee.

I got a picture of her, but I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of she and I. For this, I am sad. But, hey, I MET DALIA MOGAHED. She rocks my socks, she has street cred because she works at GALLUP and totally wrote an awesome book and also auntie cred because she’s married and has two young sons AND she’s on our side, ya know? She’s our own rockstar.

Also, this:

Dear Eric Kripke,

Please to not make Castiel curse, drink beer, or venture into dens of iniquity. As Dean said to Cas at the end of, uh, The End: Don’t ever change.

Thank you.


Concerned Fan, who feels Castiel is blasphemous enough, what with not-finding-God-on-flatbread and all.

Makes sense now.

1 Oct

Saw two news vans for WFTV last evening while I was leaving UCF. Now I understand why they were there.

This morning in lab one of my classmates mentioned a news reporter attempted to ask her some questions on her way out of her sorority house about an alleged hazing incident. Another girl piped in, saying, “Oh yeah, I heard there were like, 10 guys on this one girl? And then she like, complained?” Lovely.

Less than 24 hours after instituting it, UCF lifted their temporary ban on new pledges. Something about an upcoming “family day.”

I’m so proud of my school.


1 Oct

Finally, finally, finally, the weather has cooled down. This morning my sister told me to stick my head out the door, the air is actually cold! And it WAS!

This whole day was amazing. I wasn’t blasted in the face with a heatwave the moment I walked out the door or entered my car. Crisp, cool breeze, so refreshing and invigorating. I was driving home from school and the air was so fresh and cold and the moon was shining and the last strands of sunset were on the horizon and my heart felt so full I thought I was going to float out of my vehicle.

The forecasters got it right for once, they said we’d have a low of 67 F on Wednesday and they were right! Gold stars and cupcakes all around.

So…I dressed to workout but didn’t officially work out, although my legs are screaming like I did. I did, technically. Walking is a pretty good workout in and of itself, and at college I walk A LOT, but I still need to get back on track, yo.

Almost got hit while crossing the street by a driver who was trying to make a right turn. Is it “pedestrian,” “right,” or “way” that they don’t understand?

Managed to fit 4 days worth of clothing in one carry-on using the tried and true “whole is more than the sum of it’s parts” method. I have two outfits technically in the carry-on, and one outfit of clothing will be on my person, of course. Monday will consist of an amalgam of clothing worn on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. (With the exception of undergarments, of course. Doy.)

Still need to find some playing cards. 48 hours and some change until IlmFest!