23 Sep

Two down, two to go. Studied for 4 hours straight today, yet on top of having kept up with all the assignments and reading all the chapters my grade was still somewhat mediocre. This is one of those classes, where I gotta bring it Turboforce. Ba-ba-bah. My professor is awesome, but she’s a tough cookie.

Next exam tomorrow at 9 AM. Ugggh. Preceded by 7:30 AM lab. I am such a dum-dum. Who signs up for a 7:30 AM lab? Dum-dums.

I sneezed in the library. Three people spoke. Two said “bless you,” and a third guy said, “Wow, that’s a ferocious one!” Good lord.

I wanted to go to the gym today. I dressed to work out and everything. I thought I would have time after I took my exam but by the time I finished it was 9:30 PM. *le sigh*

Now, must sleep…


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