Eid and Avocados

20 Sep

Eid Mubarak y’all! I’m back, baby, I’m back!!!!

Today was really, really nice! We went to my uncle’s house for an Eid get together. It was nice to see everyone, I had hardly a chance during Ramadan because we were all so busy.

Today was also my cousin’s birthday, so we had a double celebration. Suh-weet. The cake was rather structural unsound. When we took the cover off it was leaning precariously to one side, and as we began cutting slices it started falling over like a chocolate-y mudslide. We joked that because she’s an engineering major she should have gotten a cake that had a strong foundation. We didn’t have a “zero” candle, but we did have a 2, 1, and 1, so we tried “21 – 1” with a candle as the minus sign (see, Desi family, we can’t help but do math) but then someone had a brilliant idea to use an egg as the zero. My uncle got an egg from the fridge and put it on the cake next to the “2” candle. Broblem solved.

My uncle had some eidi for the kids, which he gave to my grandma for “safeguarding.” I made a scavenger hunt for the kids by hiding clues all over the house and outside on index cards. The first clue was with my uncle, the following clue was on the jet ski outside on the lake, one was in my cousin’s guitar, another on a ceiling fan, one in the freezer, one on the boogie board in the garage, and so on. I tried to make them rhyme somewhat. I wrote things like, “You found the first clue, and in order to win, I’m near water and something you take out for a dizzying spin!” Hee. The kids had fun. It got botched near the end because the last clue ended up at my grandma but she didn’t want to give the kids any of the eidi. 😦 😦 😦 (They got some eventually…)

The tree in my uncle’s neighbor’s house is full of avocados. It leans partly onto their yard as well so we got as many as we could. Most were on the neighbor’s side so I went around and picked a ton from the other side. My uncle said the neighbor doesn’t mind and the guy and his wife don’t eat the avocados anyway. I think I picked about 50 avocados. I brought 7 home with me. Yummm. Dinner for the next week.

I did henna on my aunt, and then some on my sister. I lost my inspiration because suddenly I wasn’t able to do good mehndi on my sister’s hands. It’s like she has some mendhi-inspiration vibe killer.

Vhat else…Ate some good food. Chicken and dahi baray with tomatoes and cucumbers and yogurt. Sinfully chocolate-y chocolate cake. My uncle from Miami brought fresh guava juice, sugar cane juice, water melon juice, and coconut water as well as fresh coconuts. Sooo good. And then of course, CHAI!

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to come home because I have two quizzes due tonight. And I logged on to read some economics chapters but of course I ended up here.

Insha Allah I will try to get back to updating at least once a day.


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