PD! MBC! Acronyms Galore!

7 Sep

(I wrote this last night, thinking it had published when in actuality it went straight to drafts. With that in mind, please proceed!)

Project Downtown today was A-MA-ZING. I’m so glad I went. We had over 70 people show up. Not among them, unfortunately, was Dalia Mogahed. She had to cancel last minute. We took it in stride, though. Everyone was busy making sandwiches or hygiene bags or cards with inspirational messages or sorting clothes or talking to people. There was so much energy in the place, it was contagious. We had a group from Hilel, the Jewish Student Association; a church from Longwood; kids from the Hindu student group, and a ton of other volunteers. It was soooo awesome to feel the energy ramping up from back in the day when we started. I’m really glad I started coming back to PD lately.

Went with my sister to our friend’s house for iftar. Her daughter is sooo adorable masha Allah. She has the most adorable facial expressions and is a complete diva in the making, I can tell!

We were watching some soap opera on MBC called…Baab al-Harra? Supposedly it’s episode 4, part of a 30-arc series with one episode airing every night of Ramadan. (So…I’m guessing a re-run?) Something about the French occupation of Syria, a period drama. I couldn’t understand much, but from what our friend was telling me, it’s completely addicting. During the commercial break we kept pausing and rewinding during the Taazah commercial to see if the skanky bleached blonde Arab chick wearing tight jeans and a tanktop hadn’t shaved her pits or if it was just a shadow  being cast under her arms from the light when she re-enters the store to look for her missing olive oil. It took us three rewinds to finally conclude it was simply a shadow. ‘Pit hair would’ve been funny. Interspersed with the skankylous commercials were gentle dreamy Ramadan PSAs showing families gathering to eat iftar on a beach after landing on the shore in abra boats.

The dichotomy, it makes my head spin.


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