Big Damn Hero.

4 Sep

So, moments ago, I killed a roach on behalf of my petrified sister. She walked into the bathroom and it was sitting on the sink. My sister is many things; stoic in the face of insects, she is not.

I sprayed it with Windex, but that seemed to only slow it down a fraction. Windex is probably like, Gatorade or steroids for them. I kept flashing back to the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding that used Windex to treat all his ailments. Then I tried Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. That worked somewhat more effectively, but it was still thrashing about, just in slow-motion now, like it was swimming in molasses. Splish-splash, I was taking a bath…

The final death knell was when I bust out the Clorox bleach spray. Couple of sprays of that, and that bad boy was out.

My sister joked that it was probably the wife of the other roach I killed in my room. Weeks ago I was looking through my closet and I saw a roach on the wall. I smooshed it, hoping that was the last time I’d see one. A few days later I saw another one, and it escaped. My mom said it was the wife of the one I killed, trying to seek revenge for her “patti.”

Alhamdulillah, now that we’ve moved in and have the A/C running, we haven’t seen too many, but this house was unattended for a long time with the A/C off and the windows and doors shut, offering a dark, warm environment. Before we moved in, I would find a couple dead ones everytime I’d stop by the house. I did some Googling, and the kinds we’ve been seeing are the full-grown outdoor ones. They probably found their way in, and unable to get out, ended up dying.

The pest control guy is coming over in a few days, so insha Allah that should help.

(LOL…I just did a google search for “Orlando Roaches” and got back a list of hotels…heh.)


Ok, enough about the gorram roaches.

I finally, finally, finally stopped by the Recreation and Wellness center at school yesterday. It was even bigger than I remembered the last time I went with one of my friends. I went to all the different areas and asked questions, mostly ending with, “And this is free?” to which the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”

Okay, I know it’s not actually free, and that my student fees pay for it, but still. It’s the thought.

I walked past the cardio machines, where all these girls were dutifully sweating away at breakneck speeds on the treadmills, ellipticals, crosstrainers, stationary bikes, etc. Next to the cardio area is the indoor track. There was some class going on, with the instructor making these girls run forward, and then backward. Looked pretty intense.

On the bottom floor were the weight machines and open floor space for floor exercises. Also, the rock climbing wall! Can’t wait to try that one out. I found out that the group classes require pre-registration (free!) in order to let you in. I checked it out, and you can only register 24 hours in advance, and there are 80 slots available per class. I think the “only 24-hour advance” rule is a good one, because otherwise I’m sure people would register weeks in advance, go to Cancun, and completely forget they even registered, taking away a spot for someone else who really wanted to go but couldn’t.

This weekend, Dalia Mogahed is coming to Orlando for Project Downtown! It’s part of the nationwide United We Serve campaign, and the services will be compiled in a final report to President Obama about all the beneficial projects that are taking place in the Muslim community. You can find out more about it here and here. If y’all are around, check it out. Even if you’ve never been to PD, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about. It’s going to be an interfaith event as well. Should be pretty sweet. More information is on the facebook page under Project Downtown: Orlando.

My last and final textbook arrived in the mail yesterday, finally. I’m so excited. Gonna get down to some hard-core studying this weekend, insha Allah.

I was reading about the plight of the Muslim Uyghur’s and it really makes me angry. How afraid can they be of Islam that they would forcefully prevent Muslims from fasting and observing their faith?

Lastly, this article brought tears to my eyes. May Allah (SWT) give us all the strength to be like this woman. Ameen.

Hope Ramadan has been going well for everyone.


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