12 Aug

Today I did cardio for 50 minutes (30 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes crosstrainer) and then about 45 minutes of weight training. I did upper body first because my legs were all jumpy from the cardio and needed to calm down, and by the time my arms were fatigued my legs were ready to go, so then I did lower body strength straining. After I did lower body I went back to some upper body on the Gravitron and…I don’t know what it’s called but you rest all your weight on your arms and lift your legs to your chest. Hmm. Must look that up.

(BTW, I use weight training and strength training interchangeably. According to Shaykh Wiki, strength training is a subcategory of weight training. Other categories of WT are bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting. So all strength training is weight training, but not all weight training is strength training. Hey, it’s like what we learned in Sunday school, all Rasuls are Nabis but not all Nabis are Rasuls [peace be upon them all]!)

Then I did a few crunches on the stability ball. Like, sixty.

To wrap it all up I did laps around the track, walking until I lost track (heh) of how many times I looped around.

Finally, I stretched out and. Vas. Done.

Grandma is back from the hospital and is doing well.

There is the Perseids meteor shower tonight. My mom went out for a walk with her friend who is visiting from Maryland a few minutes ago and I just remembered the meteor shower. I went out to check the skies but it is still overcast. My mom turned to ask if I wanted to tag along, but I told her I was looking at the sky.

“There’s a big meteor shower tonight,” I said.

“Oh,” my mom said. She looked at the sky somewhat distrustfully. “Should we stay inside?”



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