9 Aug

…*curls around cup of chai lovingly*

Never again, my sweetness, the light of my life, the one shining moment of my day…never again will I abandon you! I was wrong, I was foolish, I was stupid to think that I could live my life without you. Forgive me, take me back, I’ll do anything!

What morning would be complete without the perfect amount of water brought to a simmering boil, with two cracked cardamom pods, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a satchel of fragrant chai, a dash of soymilk, and a teaspoon of raw honey? Who was I to think there was something other than this?

Come to mamma, baby. *makes grabby motions*

Everything went right today after my first cup of chai. I ate well, and I rocked my bod with yoga, pilates and ab work. I feel like my limbs are all stretched out and went to the aerobic version of a wellness retreat.

Filmed some great footage at Project Downtown this morning. I’m making a promo video for the fast-a-thon at UCF, and I already see it forming in my mind…it’ll be nice to stretch dem mental edzting muscles after so long.

Went to the hospital, spent some time with grandma and the family, helped move some stuff into the new house, came home, and instead of feeling guilty about not having time to run today, I did yoga/pilates instead. I DID something, man, to change my condition! My body has Mr. Caffeine again so it’s habbeh and is willing to do what I tell it to. That’s what I’m talking about.


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