2 Aug

This schizo Florida weather totally faked me out today. I was all set to run when the wind started gusting and the sky became overcast. I thought, Oh man, it’s about to come down like no other… so I decided to not run.

It. Didn’t. RAIN!

Ugh. To console myself I watched Merlin. And ate a Klondike bar. *headdesk*

I could’ve gone jet-skiing today. I had to miss my friend’s darn text message. God I hate texting. Why don’t we use skywriting planes like sane, decent people anymore? Nowadays all they’ve been relegated to is writing “Jesus Loves You” in the sky above I-Drive.

(Also, WordPress spellcheck is lame. It’s telling me “couldve” is correct, not “could’ve.” Another sign of Yaum al-Qiyamah. The end is near.)

Things that went right today: Got a 100% on my final exam. Huzzah!


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