31 Jul


*cowers, waits for bolt of lightening*

Stopped to fill up gas, and when I went in the cashier asked me where I was from. Ugh, ignorant Amkreeki, I thought. “DC,” I said curtly.

“No, really, where are you from?”

Oh. My. God.

“Like I said, Washington, DC.”

His eyebrows knit quizzically. “Really? Because I’m Arab, and I just thought–”

“Oh. Oh, I assumed you were another ignorant American guy who can’t believe I’m from here.”

He laughed, and told me he works in the A/V department at the college. I told him I’ve never seen him there. (My sister told me that one of her co-workers dated an Arab guy WHO USED to work in A/V. Aaaaand, they dated for five years. Definitely not winning points with me there.)

Went with my mom today to pick up some stuff for the new house. This kid was selling some good stuff: washer/dryer, bedroom set, gardening tools, etc. I got 3 tennis racquets and one racquetball racquet for a buck each. My mom bargained with him mercilessly. He tried to bargain back, but failed. She asked him what he’s working in, and he said finance/business area. “You’re a very good business man!” my mom said. “You’re better,” he replied.

My friend just called, she’s coming over tomorrow at 7:30 AM to my house and we’re going to go running! Yay! It’s like she sensed my guilt-ridden mind and knew that I needed a push.

Good niiiiight!


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