Legs. Are. Numb.

27 Jul

Earlier today I walked/jogged on the treadmill for 45 minutes with my student, and we did crunches on the stability ball in the fitness center at school.

Didn’t run today (much), but I did walk almost 5 miles today in the evening. Took me about 75 minutes. I’ve quickly realized that running everyday wreaks havoc on the body, and is somewhat impossible, so I’ve decided to alternate walking one day, and running the next. My body needs time to strengthen my muscles after hard running on pavement, so if I ran everyday I would actually be doing more harm than good.

Towards the end of my walk, I decided to jog a bit just for a change of pace. As I was jogging, I passed a cat laying down in a driveway.  Kitty! I thought.

Then I noticed the Dalmatian standing next to it. Without a leash.It was watching me quite intently.

“Good doggie, good doggie…” I murmured under my breath beseechingly. I was still jogging. The dog began trotting after me.

Crap, I thought. I stopped and stood there. The dog stopped too. I started walking, very slowly, away from the dog. It didn’t move. I kept walking and turning my head, walking and turning my head, until I was quite sure I had left it behind. Darn Floridian unenforced leash laws.


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