Slow and steady…

26 Jul

…wins the race. Today I ran 1.6 miles non-stop. Then after walking a bit, I ran another .5 miles. Total today: 2.1 miles!

2.1 miles running, .9 miles walking. I’m getting there!

The day before yesterday I scared the living daylights out of a woman on the sidewalk. I was running up behind her while she was talking on her phone. I thought she could hear me huffing and puffing, but she was completely oblivious. As I started to run past her, she nearly jumped out of her skin. I apologized profusely and continued on my way. I overheard her saying, “Yeah, sorry, this woman running past me scared me…”

See! See! She totally said running! And woman! I’m a runner! A woman runner!

I do hope she learned to pay more attention to her surroundings from now on, heh.

After today’s run, I did abs, push-ups, and stretching. Aaaaaaah.


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