25 Jul

What a sublime day. Time spent with good friends; swinging like we were little kids, cooing over baby ducks, watching silent lightening strike over a churning lake from miles away, comparing Urdu/Bangla words over hummus and turkey sandwiches, tongues stained purple from jamun fruit.

It was so nice to remember what it felt like before I had a cellphone, before I had a car, before I had a Facebook, before it became de rigueur to see friends only on special occasions, before we grew up and got “busy.”

(Hmm. WordPress put a little red squiggle under “rigueur,” but not “jamun.” I feel, in a sense, a small but poignant victory. Indo-Aryan: 1, Romance: 0.)


Jamun, jamun, I just wanna jamun with you...

No “workout” today, just, well, playing. Walking along the lake, sliding down slides, swinging on swings, stretching in the grass while herons fished for their dinners, sipping green tea with lemon and honey, eating food made with love and barakah (blessings).

The most important things in life are right in front of us. Sometimes they’re just hard to see, is all.

(There’s a red squiggle under Facebook, too.)


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