It’s really happening.

24 Jul

I’m hooked. I’m never going to be able to go back to walking after this. I’m addicted to running.

I was correct in predicting that my running pace would ameliorate based on a lack of pain-inducing frijoles in my stomach. Not only did I complete the mile, I was able to push myself a little further and ran about 1.2 miles non-stop today. I alternated walking and running the remaining two miles of my route. I’m glad I went when I did, because as I was nearing home I could see storm clouds beginning to gather and rain drops started pelting me here and there.

As I was walking along, and saw the intimidating power lines stretched against a backdrop of threatening gray clouds, I was spurred on to start running again by recalling this unpleasant incident from a few days ago.

Fear of death is a pretty good motivator.

When I got home, I did abdominal exercises, stretched, and took a shower. My workout clothes were so damp with sweat I felt like I had dunked ’em in a bucket of water.

My total route today was three miles!

I’ve been reading up on techniques for marathon training, and I’ve read about the run/walk method, but right now what seems to be working for me is:

  1. Run until I want to die.
  2. Walk until I don’t.
  3. Run until I want to die.
  4. Walk until I don’t.
  5. Rinse, repeat.

Lovely, no?


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