Four hours!

23 Jul

Worked out for four hours today. Two hours of weight training, two hours of kickboxing.

Had a grand and somewhat long delayed epiphany that just in case I don’t get into university this year, I should still sign up for college classes that will fulfill my pre-requisites. (I’ve been in denial.) Spent the last 40 minutes looking for Statistics and Macro/Micro Economics classes, but of course this late in the game all the good professors with good class timings are snatched up.

For Statistics I picked a professor who got the least amount of bad reviews, and mostly from kids who said, “He’s brilliant but his accent is terrible!” and “Can’t always follow along but he’s good about sitting down with you and explaining…”

I can work with an accent. Plus, the Belly Dancing Aerobics class I signed up for ends 10 minutes before, so I’ll still be full of endorphins. That should hopefully dull the pain. (I should check the members list, if any guys have signed up I’ll be forced to drop it not just for religious purposes, but out of sheer WTH-ery.)

For Principles of Economics-Macro I picked the only professor who got stunning reviews. I was wondering why there is a frog king among tadpoles when I saw the course timing: Sunday.

Lovely. Oh well, it’s not like I do anything on Sunday anyway. He’ll save me two hours of watching re-runs on Hulu.

I’m also signed up for an online Introductory Sociology class with the current teacher I have for Contemporary American Social Problems. If the class I’m currently taking fulfills the requirements for a sociology class I’ll drop this one I just signed up for.

Oh, and I signed up for Weight Training II.

The classes that I really actually need are Stats and Macro, and the ones I don’t are, uh, all the rest. The ones I want are…well, take a wild guess!


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