I Ran a Mile!

22 Jul

I can’t believe it! I ran a mile today! Non-stop!

I finally bit the bullet and decided that I would hit the ground running (literally) the moment I stepped out my door. The past few weeks I’ve sorta been walking a lot, running a teensy weensy bit, then walking a lot. I haven’t really committed to genuinely training myself to run.

I couldn’t believe it. From stone-cold to 1 mile! As I started running down the street I thought, Hmm, maybe I’ll stop at the next stop sign? When I neared the stop sign, I realized I was barely winded. Perhaps the OTHER stop sign, I thought. As I got close to that one, I thought, Oh my god. I’m really doing it. This is how people can run for hours. I never understood this.

I ended up running down the rest of the street. It was technically .95 of a mile, but still! I ran a mile! I can’t believe it! Non-stop!

When I finally stopped, I felt like throwing up. From both ends. It was the most horrible feeling in the world. I was like, No! This is what negative reinforcement is commonly mistaken as! This is punishment for running!

I actually was kinda cheered by that, because if I can run a mile after having eaten frijoles negros less than 30 minutes before running, while experiencing abdominal cramping (I was right to blame my 3 day binge on hormones!) at the same time…who knows how far I can run while actually in a proper state to do so?

Note to self: Do not eat before running. Please.

Today: 2 miles (1 mile running, 1 mile walking) and ab work! Yay!


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