Taking Stock of the Damage.

21 Jul

So the aftermath of my weekend of iniquity resulted in:

4 regained pounds (hopefully temporary)
2 ginormous zits on my face
1 realization: I can’t eat my feelings!

This morning, I experienced a really bad dream in which I was an epidemiologist vacationing at a hotel in Disney. There was a massive plague outbreak and people were knocking down my door trying to get me to give them a cure… I woke up about 40 minutes before my weight training class. I contemplated not going, I really did. I knew if I didn’t go to this class, I would miss the next one, and the next, and the next…I had to go.

I dragged myself out of bed, got ready and went to school. I was about 20 minutes late but at least I got there and scratched my initials onto the sign-in sheet. It was very reassuring to see my unbroken chain of initials from all the last class periods. I’m glad I decided to drag my lazy butt to school, or the cycle from this weekend would have continued unbroken.

We played ultimate frisbee to warm up. That was a killer workout. I banged up my knee diving after the frisbee a couple of times. Then I did the weight training circuit. I felt about a million times better than when I first walked in. They say 90% of the battle is just showing up, and I can see why!

I had some lunch after class, read some of my textbook for sociology, and went to kickboxing class. Kickboxing class was amazing. Despite my setback this weekend, I really feel like I’ve improved so much since I started. When I first started, I could barely do a boxer shuffle.

Did some cardio on the treadmill for 1/2 hour to make up a missed workout. I still have to make up 2 1/2 hours. I think 1/2 hour a day will take care of that until the end of the semester.

I feel so much better today. I read How to Recover from an Episode of Binge Eating and it had some really good advice.

You win some, you lose some. Some days are great. Others, not so much.


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