18 Jul

Went this morning from 8 AM – 1 PM to take care of the sweet little ole’ lady from last week. Looks like this might be a regular gig after all. Here’s hoping.

It was all downhill from there. I was all out of sorts from bad sleep the night before, and my body wasn’t gonna let me forget it. Ugh. And the sad (and somewhat hilarious, once I get some perspective) thing is we have like, no junk food in the house so I had to MAKE MY OWN. I made a mozzarella quesadilla slathered in butter…had some quasi-chili that I made earlier…and after that I was like, hmm, I’m thirsty.

I couldn’t bring myself to add honey to my homemade mocha coffee latte because it would be an insult to the honey. *sigh*

Oh well. It’s Saturday. I am now consoling myself with back to back episodes of Castle. Ah, Captain Mal, how I have missed thee. Personally, I think the episode in which Castle and his daughter act out a scene from some non-descript sci-fi movie while playing laser tag would have been perfect for a Firefly cameo reference. Perhaps TPTB couldn’t secure the rights.

OK, total digression, but the above second-to-last sentence I first wrote as:

…the episode in which Castle and his daughter play laser tag while acting out a scene…

Then I took a good look at it and realized, the primary action is not the acting out of the scene from a movie, but the playing of the laser tag.

It reminded me of Br. Nouman Ali Khan’s seminar, Literary Miracles of the Quran that I attended some weeks ago. He showed two different sentences translated from Arabic:

Allah, make this a peaceful city…


Allah, make this city peaceful…

What’s the difference? At first glance, it seems like the two are saying the same thing. If you observe closely, the first sentence refers to a city that does not yet exist. The second sentence refers to a city that has already been established. Cool, huh? You can use the same words, but the syntax can give those same words a totally different meaning.

Well, that’s my two cents for today. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


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