16 Jul

Four hour workout today.

Weight training in the morning.

Ran like it was going out of style for a “fun” activity in kickboxing class. Practiced for an hour on the kickboxing routine for our final grade with my assigned classmate.

Last night I basically drove through hurricane force winds to see the latest Harry Potter movie. As I was at a red light watching lightening strike  electricity poles about 20 feet away, and half expecting cows and Dorothy’s house to fly by, I thought to myself, “Wow, I really wish I was on my way to feed hungry orphans or something…this is not the last thing I want on my record if I die!”

Maybe if I said, ON MY WAY TO FEED THE ORPHANS, I spontaneously decided to stop by the movie theater to, uh, pray maghrib, and the only quiet place I could find was in Theater Room 7, which uh, just so happened was not so quiet after all, and–oh hey, it was running the new Harry Potter movie– by that time I was wedged in between two people dressed up as death eaters that I couldn’t move for the next 3 hours?

Yeah, that probably wouldn’t fly with the angel of Death. Hee. I said “fly” and “angel” in the same sentence without intentionally trying to be punny.


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