Florida Buddhi-Ma(s)

12 Jul

So I’m taking care of a patient right now for my mom, a really sweet old lady who keeps asking me, “Where’s your brother?” “Where’s your father?” and “What do you want for lunch? Do you want a sandwich?” She asked me “When are we having lunch?” several times. We watched the Biggest Loser together, and then I put on America’s Next Top Model and she sat watching it quietly while I went on my laptop. She started dozing.

She’s puttering around the kitchen right now. While she and my mom and I were eating breakfast, my mom had brought some mangos and put them on the table. She asked my mom what they were about three times. Poor lady. She’s 85 but she’s so slender and well put together. When we walked in her hair was perfectly coiffed and not a thread out of place. She kept apologizing for “looking like a  mess.” After breakfast she quietly took her morning medication without a single complaint. Compared to certain, *cough* other old women I can think of…this lady is a saint.

(Time passes, whilst this entry sits in flux…)

We just finished eating lunch. Her son wrote down instructions to give her some cottage cheese with mandarin oranges and some crackers. She added to that two pieces of crispy fried butterfly shrimp with ketchup. And cottage cheese, with mandarin oranges. All together. *shrugs* Whatever works for her. She also added orange juice to her milk. I tried to stop her, but she was adamant that she likes her milk with orange juice. She ate everything and I’m praying she doesn’t get a stomachache. She eats very small portions, so I think she’ll be okay. (When we were little we thought that drinking orange juice after you drink milk or vice versa makes you throw up. I grew up to learn that wasn’t true, but the uneasiness still persists.)

She has this annoying little yappy dog that yaps at you every time you move. Or leave, or arrive. Then after a while it lays down and takes a nap. She said it’s about 9 years old.

While we were having lunch she asked me what I was doing in school. I told her I’m in college, “Oh, she said brightly. “My daughter’s in school too! I think she’s a few years ahead of you.” Shyeah, I’ll bet. By about 60 years.

ANTM got a bit trifling, so I put on CNN. Now the lady is sitting on the sofa, dozing.

It’s funny, but I rather prefer cranky old ladies who KNOW who they are, over nice old ladies who have NO CLUE.

Thank god for Desi spices that keep our brains kickin’. Amen.

Right now I’m reading up on, “How to Eat Like a Skinny Person.” Maybe I’ll get around to writing that 4 page paper due tonight…later…ish.

(The interesting this is, this paper is about the Elderly in the United States. How fitting.)


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