The Perspective of Travel

8 Jul

Traveling is really refreshing. When I came back I felt like I was seeing the town I’ve called home for the past four years with new eyes. My flight from DC arrived at 11 AM and 3 hours later I was in my kickboxing class. I thought I would be exhausted but instead I felt invigorated. I thought after a week of no kickboxing I would be out of sorts, but I was surprised at how much easier I found the class to be after a week away. I tried to follow the advice of Sh. Yaser Birjas about incorporating dhikr into everyday tasks, so I decided to try doing dhikr while kickboxing. Even though at first I felt somewhat awkward it seemed to give me more energy and determination. While jump-roping, I would say to myself, “Allah…hu akbar…Allah…hu akbar…La…illaha…ilallah…” over and over in time with my jumps. I suddenly felt full of energy and I only messed up my rope twice. I did the same during push-ups, wall-sits, and planks. This was honestly my best class ever.

After class, I hung out for a bit in the tutoring center and then went outside to get some fresh air. What I did after could only be called communing with nature. As I was sitting on a bench outside, snacking on some cherries, the most beautiful dragonfly appeared next to me. It’s wings were leopard spotted. It was so beautiful, subhan Allah. Suddenly, I started noticing everything else. I walked down to the retention pond/lake and noticed these little silver-blue fish swimming, and tadpoles. I saw beautiful butterflies, grasshoppers, wasps, water skimmers, toads, (3 little toads!), flowers, little green bananas growing on the banana trees…it was like I was seeing it all for the first time. Anyone who saw me as they walked from class to class was probably wondering what the hell is this girl doing? As I was hunched over in the grass, tracking a tiny green grasshopper, this butterfly landed in front of me. Slowly, slowly, slowly, she opened her wings and gave me a look at the patterns on her wings. So beautiful.

I know all this sounds like an LSD trip, but I assure you, no drugs were involved in the making of this experience.

Today, I had one student at school. I ran some errands with my mom. When we got home, I made some whole-wheat pasta with cheese. I put all my stuff away and cleaned up a bit. My poor neglected ceiling fan with suffocating in dust, so I gave that a good scrub down. I didn’t work out today 😦 Oh well. I have three hours of workout time to look forward to tomorrow.

ISNA Part 2 coming soon, insha Allah.


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