Day Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

2 Jul

*gasp* I know, I didn’t post yesterday! Oh, the horror, oh, the travesty.

I didn’t officially “work out” yesterday, but if you count catching a flight to Reagan National in DC from Orlando International, walking through airport terminals, hefting a bag around, hoppin’ on the Metro and switching trains from the Yellow to the Red Line to Shady Grove, and finally arriving at home-for-now-sweet-home, then yeah, it was a pretty good workout.

The weather here is gooorgeous. Nice cool breeze, sun is shining, and NO HUMIDITY. I’m thinking of taking a walk in the park in front of the house.

As I was on the Metro yesterday the driver said over the intercom, “There is a train directly in front of us.”

We were still moving. As we waiting with bated breath, the train rolled to a stop. Some people laughed nervously. I don’t think the driver caught the verbal faux pas he committed.  

There were a few delays, and on the red line train the driver said, “We have been given the red light. Please be patient with the delay.”

From somewhere in the train a woman remarked out loud, “At least you stopped this time!”

Well, that’s all for now. There’s a little girl riding her tricycle outside the house. Such a pretty day to be outside.


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