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Day Twelve

21 Jun

Did not work out today, unless one counts the effort it takes to propel a vehicle to and fro between Barnes and Noble, home and Publix. I feel really bad but with this heat wave every time I walk out the door I feel like I’m sticking my head in an oven. (I make zhe excuses. I should be tougher, duffer!)

I made a perfect batch of kettle corn today. I will never feel guilty for eating popcorn again (natural, air-popped, that is) because the amount of kernels you can hold in the palm of your hand will literally fill a large bowl. I added a little salt before I put it on the stove, and then sprinkled it with some brown sugar. Yummayz.

Jacque (the cat, aka Henry, aka Unmentionable-in-public a la Grandma) tried to bestow upon my mother the generous gift of a lizard. Alive.

For breakfast I consumed, in this order: a peach, a kiwi, and a mango.

At Panera I had some green tea with honey. I brought my own mug and my own tea bag, asked for some hot water and didn’t spend a dime. That’s how we roll, desi-estyle.

For lunch I made Anda ka saag (Boiled eggs curried with yellow onions, green onions, tomatoes, celery seeds, cumin, salt, and some other spices). It was sooo good.

At least I ate healthy today.

I have to write a four page paper, due tonight at 11:30. I plan on starting at exactly 9 PM, and finishing at 11 PM. In between now and 9 PM I will eat one small bowl of chocolate yogurt, tidy up my room, take a shower, perfect my desk arrangements, and enter a zen-like state in which to begin and complete my paper. Yes, very good. Let’s make it so.