Day Eleven

20 Jun

I’m so exhausted. I think I burned more calories driving for 2 hours with the windows down and the A/C off in 100 degree F heat than I would walking for the same time. My limbs feel like jelly and all I want to do is curl up into a tuckered out ball and sleep. *le sigh*

I made kettle corn with the kernels we got from the produce store today. Half of it was burnt but that’s how you learn. Next try, less kernels, more oil, lower heat, shake more often, add salt before the popcorn starts popping, and not as much brown sugar. And add some butter. nom nom nom.

Hunger…food. Food is good. Mmm…food.


One Response to “Day Eleven”

  1. tayibah March 4, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    Asalam u alaikum
    I know its too late to be commenting on this now but I really wanted to now how you started it all mashaAllah this is the second time i noticed that when you go wrong you just take the experience positively and are quiet easy going about it all. Just wanted to praise you on that. mashaAllah will see later if you could really run for an hour and loved your persistence mashaAllah puts me to shame though 😀

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