Day Ten

19 Jun

Walked over an hour. Just traced my route, a little over 5 miles.

Did 8 Minute Abs.

Did my arm exercises, including 25 push-ups (5 real, 20 wanna-be, at least for now)

I will be fit, God willing. I will have the discipline every morning to roll out of bed, go about my morning routine, and get in that one hour of activity everyday. No matter what. I will do something everyday to get myself moving. I will be spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and inwardly sound. God willing.

I will be strong. I will not subject myself to the whims and moods of others like a leaf in the wind. I’ll just drink a glass of water really angrily. Or go out and run somewhere like those people I read about in stories. Positive outlets, this is the key.

While people talk, I’ll walk.


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