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Interlude: Shout-outs!

16 Jun

A list of things I LYKE A LOTZ.

Finding Allah

Muslimah Source

Muslim Matters

Don’t Be Sad


Day Seven

16 Jun

*is ded*

My kickboxing professor thought it would be funny to have us run the perimeter of the school today for our “mile” run. After we trudged back inside she said it was actually 2 miles and burst out laughing. *shakes fist* I still love her anyway.

Before class I worked out on the treadmill, attempting to warm up for what I thought was kickboxing class. I totally forgot we had to run today. I did 20 minutes cardio, and then 10 minutes strength training. One of my classmates walked past me, bewildered, and said, “You do know we have to run the mile today, right?” Oh shnap, I thought. “Yeah, I’m just warming up!” I said.

Lawdy. I was okay in the beginning, then I hit the no-more point and had to start and stop, start and stop. I felt like I was breathing gas fumes. Running through parking lots and superheated pavement in 90 degree weather will do that to you.

When we finished I thought, I’m crazy! How can I run 1 hour a day, I can barely run for 15 minutes! But after I had a chance to cool down I realized, I ABSOLUTELY can. The more persistent I am, the more I push myself, I will begin to see results, and discover I can do things I never thought possible. One day I can run marathons! Insha Allah.

I had a student to tutor this morning, then another after my kickboxing class. I was done at 5 PM, and was feeling the urge to drink some tea or coffee to pick myself up, when I decided, nah, I can workout some more instead. Best decision I made. I walked briskly for 30 minutes and it gave me more of a kick than any jolt of caffeine ever could.

After than my friend and I played racquetball in the courts adjacent to the gym. That game is off the wall. Literally. I wished I could have played longer but I was dragging, so I bid adieu and went home, just before a torrential downpour started.

I set two eggs a’boiling, made myself some sauteed red cabbage with onions and garlic, and had a lovely dinner. The cabbage turns the boiled egg white blue. So weird. Weird and delicious. Then I had green tea with a teaspoon of honey. The only thing I don’t like about this new tea is the packaging. The box is cardboard, but the tea satchels are plastic. PLASTIC! It’s like tearing open a prophylactic. Very un-zen.

It’s only 10 PM but my eyes are falling. Good night, world! -RM