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Day Four

13 Jun

Walked 2 miles today in 45 minutes. I would’ve added another 15 minutes, but I was getting tired and I didn’t want to push myself. It’s getting easier now to go out and walk. I rolled out of bed, and mechanically went about my morning routine. I threw on my workout clothes and hit the road…er, sidewalk. Once I got home I did some 8 Minute Abs. Good times.

We finally got the digital converter box. We had the coupon so it was only $5. Personally, I was happy to let the TV die. It’s all for my mom and her undying love of Joel Osteen and Oprah. But hey, now we can watch New Muslim Cool on PBS!

I tried making my kickboxing teacher’s granola today. I put too much honey so it became more of a candy than a granola. It was still good, though. I used rolled oats, sunflower seeds, almonds, flax seed, a little bit of olive oil, and honey. A lot of honey. Next time, more oats, less honey, and I’ll grease the pan when I bake it. This first batch required some arduous scraping.

I ate pretty well today. For breakfast I had sauteed green peppers and onions with two cut up boiled eggs, and green tea w/ honey. Lunch I made a salad of romaine leaves, baby carrots, cucumber and olive oil flavored with lemon pepper and cumin. Most of the carrots and cucumber sunk to the bottom, so I ate all the romaine first and then ate the cucumber slices and carrots with a little hummus on the side.

Later after a nice nap with Mr. Bill (will explain in a moment) I had a little bit of a turkey sub.

I just had a bit of mixed chaat (yogurt sauce with chickpea flour dumplings and cooked chickpeas)  a few hours ago, and just drank a new brand of green tea I wanted to try.  Oh, and I had an apple sometime today. And cantalope. And a cupcake that my cousin made.

Mr. Bill (also known as Jacque, Bill Number 2, and other names that cannot be mentioned) is my cousin’s cat. I’m cat-sitting while they’re out of town. This cat is sooo friendly. He goes up to everyone. He curls up in your lap and falls asleep. He’s so trusting. I gave him a bath today and he actually started purring when I was soaping him up. Then I started pouring water on him, and he realized what was happening. He started crying piteously, but he didn’t try to escape or scratch or bite. He looked like a little drowned rat when I was done. Poor baby. He dried out soon and then he was right as rain. After much hunting skill practice (straw, spoon, ball, stuffed bear, bottlecap) he was tuckered out and curled up right by my head on the bed when I went to take a nap. He purrrRRrrRRrrrss so much! We slept for two hours! He woke up when I woke up. I was surprised he slept that long. Heck, I was surprised I slept that long!

I need to clean. And do my strength training. And write a paper.

So long! -RM