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Day Two

11 Jun

Blah. I am such a lying liar who lies. I didn’t wake up to walk this morning 😦

However, I did attempt to walk this afternoon, but after twenty minutes had to run back to the house to drop my aunt and her family off at the airport. I knew they were on their way but I just had to try. I had the intentions, man! Plus kickboxing class totally pwned me so I can’t feel too bad.

Saw the most hysterical play at the performing arts center at school tonight. I was a bit late, coming back from the airport, and I almost didn’t go because I was feeling tired but it was so worth it. All of Greek mythology in 99 minutes, along with modern day cultural references, “Greek Idol” in which contestants are judged on who has the better mythos, Celine Dion providing the siren’s song that attempts to lure Odysseus’ crew, and lotus plants as gateway drugs. Oopah!

Also, last night I finally gave in and saw Star Trek. By myself.

It was sublime.

Now let me explain. I’m not one of those LOSERS who can’t find a friend to go to the movies with, okay? I’m not cool, but I’m not THAT uncool. This was a personal experiment, and the outcome was much to my favor. No one whispered irritatingly into my ear, no one guilted me into buying popcorn or a soft drink (therefore no gross sticky fingers), no one pressured me into getting up as soon as the credits started rolling by jumping out of their seat. (Faran Tahir, man. How else would I have known the hot captain guy at the beginning of the movie was a Pakistani guy named Faran Tahir? I watched the credits! [Well, some of the credits. Just the cool animated ones. I got up when the screen went to black and regular credits started rolling. Even I have limits.])

Instead I sat, rapt. That one critic guy quote in the wikipedia article hit the nail on the head: It was a ridiculously satisfying movie. I laughed, I cried (in laughter), I drooled over Zachary Quinto, I \o/ when Paul McGillion made his cameo appearance (RIP, SGA!) and was generally captivated for the duration of the picture.

I did not stumble out of the theater, disoriented and unsatisfied as I feared I would. It’s that stale movie theater popcorn that does it, I tell you. Also, almost every single movie I have ever watched with people has sucked. Because people are stupid, and would rather watch Date Movie than 8 Below–which was a totally cool movie by the way, and I would have seen it HAD I BEEN BY MYSELF, but noooo the crowd wants to watch DATE MOVIE, because who cares about snowdogs that get stranded in the Arctic?–and generally going against the crowd is frowned upon.

But the crowd is stupid, and what do they know anyway?

Moving on. I started my arm toning exercises. I was pleasantly surprised to find that 5 lb free weights were somewhat easy. I’m gonna have to bump it up!

My kickboxing instructor goes to the indian market down the street, the same one my mom always goes to. I was somewhat tickled at that. She made these awesome oat/almond/sesame/sunflower/flax seed granola bars for class today, and after class she gave me the whole bag of what was left! nom nom nom.

Well, that is all I have to say tonight. G’nite! -RM