Day One

10 Jun

Salaams! I’m off to a pretty good start, despite having fallen asleep at 3 AM this morning. I set my alarm and instead of turning it off and going back to sleep, I actually dragged my lazy butt out of bed. It was so hard. I felt like my limbs were made out of iron and my joints were popping like Rice Crispies. I stumbled to the bathroom in a daze and splashed water on my face. Anytime I can reach the ‘water-splashing’ stage, I’m safe.

I was somewhat disheartened to find out how snug my workout clothes have become that I usually wear for walking. I wear long pants, long sleeves, and hijab when I work out, and I hadn’t realized that I had gained that much weight. No matter, I thought. I have no one to blame but myself, and the sooner I get started, the sooner I’ll be back to my old weight. Hopefully I’ll be way more fit, insha Allah!

I have been taking fitness classes since summer semester started, but it is not affecting my weight loss because it is not aerobic exercise. I’m taking tennis Monday/Wednesday and Kickboxing Tuesday/Thursday. I feel like I have more energy and increased stamina, but I have lost minimal weight since the semester began a month ago. The tennis is mostly ballistic movement, snapping side to side, making contact with the ball, a lot of hand-eye coordination and anticipating where the ball will land and how to hit it back. Playing tennis is incredibly fun, and it’s a great workout. However it mostly tones the muscles. The kickboxing is also the same. Really burns the muscles, gives me a great workout. Both will help contribute to losing weight, but just the tennis and kickboxing by themselves is not enough. What I have been lacking is the sustained aerobic exercise.

So, before I can be a Running Muslimah, I must first be a walking Muslimah!

For the next two weeks, I plan to walk 1 hour a day until it becomes a habit. THEN we can progress to running.

Today I only walked 45 minutes, which is really good. It used to take me an hour to walk the loop I usually go around my neighborhood, but because I have more stamina it is taking me less time. Will have to add another 15 minutes.

I’m trying to tone my arms as well. My kickboxing instructor gave me some arm exercises to try, so I’m gonna head to the fitness center in a bit to try those.

The key is not to overwhelm myself. I know I’m excited now, and really motivated, but I need to look at this as a plan for my whole life. Even if I can’t hit all my targets everyday, I will try not to get discouraged because there is always another day.

As I was walking this morning, I was struck by how deserted the sidewalks were. I saw maybe 5 people outside even after 45 minutes. Every time I go out for a walk regardless of the time of day, I notice this. Very few people take to the streets. This is why we’re all so fat! When I used to walk a lot, I developed this somewhat haughty internal superiority over all the cars I used to see whizzing by. “Ha, you foolish child, confined to a cage of metal and glass, whilst I walk about under my own power on my own two God-given feet!”

I actually saw more cats than people. I’m dead serious. They were my silent cheerleaders, watching me from their perches atop an SUV or across the street. One actually came up to me wanting to be pet. It was a calico. I thought it was Britney, but Britney was a skinny little wench. This one was more muscular, and uh, slightly less…ugly. Heh. Silly thing tried to nip at my hand after I swatted away a mosquito trying to alight upon it’s leg. “Hey, I’m trying to help you here!” I protested.

When I came back home I still had an hour before my tennis class. I had a light breakfast of organic yogurt with raw honey and blueberries and blackberries. Then I had some green tea with peppermint and a small teaspoon of raw honey. The court was boiling today, I could’ve fried an egg on the asphalt. Two hours of play, and I’m pretty sure I lost all that green tea in sweat alone!

I’m sitting here typing after my tennis class, feeling the sweat dry on my back. I just ate an apple. Yum yum. Can’t wait to go home and eat some shrimp, or maybe I’ll make myself some stir-fry. Ok, enough with the food talk, I’m getting hungry!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll stop by in a bit. – RM


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